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Magnum to Stay In Fnatic Valorant Team Until 2024!

Martin “Magnum” Peňkov, who started his adventure with HOMELESS, later went on to play with Fnatic. He showed great performances in Master Reykjavik and also played good against the Sentinels in the grand final. However, they could not become the champions.

The player, who plays support agents such as Skye and Cypher, has an impressive battle score of 215.6. Looking at this impressive game values, it seems that Fnatic decided to extend the contract with the player for 3 more years.

Magnum to Stay In Fnatic Valorant Team Until 2024!

Fnatic is no longer competing for the Valorant Champions Tour 3. Because they were not good enough against Team Liquid last week and did not qualify for this tournament.

There is still hope for Fnatic and Magnum. Fnatic, is currently in the first place in points for the VALORANT Championship. But if they continue to get bad results, they may lose this place. As a result, they may not have a chance to participate in said tournament.

However, team director Colin ”CoJo” Johnson has confidence in his team. He made this statement on Twitter:

You can follow Fnatic on social their media account here.

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