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MAJ3R Moves Back to France!

Turkish CS:GO organization Sangal Esports’ captain, Engin “MAJ3R” Kupeli, is moving back to France. This relocation, created many questions in the minds about the future of Sangal. Sangal was eliminated from 4 tournaments in a row before taking a break. Because of that the fans were curious about their situation. Sangal, who regressed to the 53rd place in the HLTV team ranking, could not catch the momentum they wanted. While we were waiting for a development regarding this loss of momentum, fans suddenly came across the team captain’s announcement to move. But this time, it’s not a farewell or separation announcement.

Playing in the middle tier, Sangal generally takes part in online tournaments. Team coach Canpolat “hardstyle” Yıldıran also said this in the past:

The biggest problem of Turkish players is ping and infrastructure. Before the match, while the other teams were talking tactics, we would be asking for the server IP and do a ping test.

MAJ3R commented precisely on this problem in the online tournaments as the main reason for his decision to move. Hoping to finish moving during break, the captain expressed that France would be good for both his family and children. The moving announcement made by Captain Engin “MAJ3R” Kupeli on Instagram is as follows:

You ask a lot so let me inform you. We will make a complete return to France as a family. I will try to deal with these during the break. I hope everything goes well and I plan to play from there for the new season. Good luck my friends, Turkey is very beautiful. But France will be good for Defne, Ceren and my job, the internet will be good for us too.

maj3r fransa'ya taşınıyor

While it is not yet clear in which tournament Sangal will take part, we know that it will be in many online tournaments in the incoming period. MAJ3R states that the move will solve the internet infrastructure problem. We are already curious how the training and communication within the team will progress. For that we will have to look at their performance in the upcoming season.

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