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Migros Esports 2nd Season Has Started!

Migros, the leading name of the modern retail industry in Turkey, has launched its 2nd season on the esports tournament platform in August. As the official sponsor of the Esports Clubs Association, Migros will meet its followers with FIFA 21, ZULA, and PUBG Mobile tournaments in its second season.

The prize pool for players who make history in the Migros Esports world has been announced as 55,000 TL in total. Migros 2nd season tournaments, which started on November 27, will continue until December 27.

Prize pool and qualification dates of tournaments that will continue for 5 weeks:

Migros Esports FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Prize Pool: 7000 TL

  • 1st Team: 4.000 TL
  • 2nd Team: 2.000 TL
  • 3rd Team: 1.000 TL
  • #1 Qualifier Date: November 27
  • #2 Qualifier Date: December 4th
  • #3 Qualifier Date: December 11
  • #4 Qualifier Date: December 18
  • Final: December 27

Migros Esports ZULA

ZULA Prize Pool: 16.000 TL

  • 1st Team: 8.000 TL
  • 2nd Team: 5.000 TL
  • 3rdTeam: 3.000 TL
  • #1 Qualifier Date: November 28
  • #2 Qualifier Date: December 5th
  • #3 Qualifier Date: December 12
  • #4 Qualifier Date: December 19
  • Final: December 25

Migros Esports PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Prize Pool: 16.000 TL

  • 1st Team: 8.000 TL
  • 2nd Team: 5.000 TL
  • 3rd Team: 3.000 TL
  • #1 Qualifier Date: November 29
  • #2 Qualifier Date: December 6th
  • #3 Qualifier Date: December 13
  • #4 Qualifier Date: December 20
  • Final: December 26

You can reach Migros Esports 2nd season tournaments prepared with Master of Gamers infrastructure and register by clicking here. We wish success to all teams!

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
21 yaşında, istanbul teknik üniversitesi öğrencisi, her oyun tarzından biraz biraz, müzik tutkunu


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