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More Esports Returns Amidst Accusations!

The accusations haunt the More Esports team. The statements made by Burak “foiz” Baz on May 29 hit the esports scene like a bombshell. This situation was not welcomed in the esports community, as the statement made did not receive a clear response from the More Esports team. Since then, More Esports has been unable to find a solution to the situation and has allegedly tried to cover it up with a rather amateurish approach. Now they are returning to the esports scene!

Burak “foiz” Baz made the following statement on May 29:

More Esports’ player scam notification. Hello, I will get straight to the point. I joined the More Esports team on March 27, 2021. As you know, I had a one-month period in the team and then I left More Esports due to different plans of my teammates. After this process, the owner of the team stated that I would be paid 1 month’s salary. After the payment date of the salaries passed, they contacted me on Whatsapp on May 6 and stated that the salary would be delayed a little due to the full closure. When I asked them if they could deposit until May 20, what they said to me was, “The ban has already been lifted, if I remember correctly, we will deposit it until May 20.” He made an excuse that his non-payment was due to bans. Since then, I have learned that neither the women’s team, nor the men’s team, nor the employees in the management have gotten any of their salaries. The team owner created a Whatsapp group on May 21 and added the women’s team, men’s team, and management employees to a group. In the speech he gave, he said that there would be such problems in trading sector and started to pass everyone off by saying bullshit. He introduced a payment program to 17 people, including myself, from May 27 to June 14. But he didn’t pay any of the players who were waiting for the first line payout. Despite the passing of the date, he does not answer calls and messages in any way. He comes over and asks for halal. This is really funny. I have Whatsapp conversations and contract papers. I hope this scam will come back to him in another way. Needless to say, it is a really disgraceful situation, I wish everyone to get what they want as soon as possible. A few social media information about the team owner;

Name Surname: Osman Ertuğrul Kartal

Instagram: instagram.com/osmankrtl_

Twitter: twitter.com/osmankrok

About 2 months after the events, More Esports announced that it would be returning to the esports scene amid all these accusations.

Dear Esports Community!
As More Esports, we will come up with a great organization soon. Follow our social media channels to stay updated.

This situation stunned all the victims and the esports fans who followed the event closely. Faruk Can “Maxic” Öztürk, one of the names in the events, shared the following tweet after the news:

I saw a scammer before, but I have never seen such a shameless dishonorable face in a scammer, I am waiting for his statement tomorrow, I’m curiously asking you to rt, let no one get scammed from now on, let no one be in a difficult situation

Faruk Can Ozturk

Afterwards, More Esports announced in a post on its Instagram account that the necessary legal investigations were launched against all the accusations made on their behalf.

The current name of the Twitter account, which is stated in the share made from the Instagram account of the More Esports team, is used as “SCAMMER CLUB, STAY AWAY”. Click on the link to go to More Esports’ Twitter account.

The establishment of a correct and responsible management approach rather than success is a major factor for the development of the esports scene. I think this issue should not be forgotten. We hope that the problems of the victims’ names will be resolved and such a mistake will not be made again.

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Ertuğrul Ergül
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