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MSL Announces a New Team!

Recently, we have witnessed professional players creating their own organizations. They try to form their own teams from the base and hold on to this area. The latest news comes from Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen. MSL has announced that he will form a new team.

North’s former 26-year-old leader stated that behind this lies the idea of being successful as a team. MSL does not want to be part of a team that does not believe in success. The demands that the organization expects from the players and some responsibilities are the most prominent reasons. It can be ensured that these requests are more player-oriented. Deficiencies and needs are evaluated through the eyes of the player. In addition, as the most important reason, the squad emerges directly according to the compatibility of the players. In this way, players become the most suitable squad with their teammates. Because the roster is not decided by a manager; It is formed by the choice of the players who will play together.

MSL wants players with high ambitions to contact him. He has yet to reveal any of the players that are included in the current roster. But he did state that the roster was “a good mixture of talent and experience”. He also added that his team’s goal is to become the top 20 in the global rankings.

The experienced player actually made the decision after being without a team for most of the year. Last year, North announced that it would follow a talent development strategy. Because of this, MSL decided to leave the team. After MSL, other players also left the organization one by one. Two months later, the organization completely stopped existing.

MSL talks about new team building motivation!

MSL was also asked about the motivation behind this decision. The experienced player stated that he received many invitations. However, according to what he said, he was not satisfied with the squads he got. He did not want to be in a team that he did not believe would be successful. As a result, he decided to form his own team.

It was also previously claimed that MSL would join fnatic as the in-game leader. However, we can say that this announcement has ended that possibility. In addition, the name of one of the most experienced players on the market, Alex “⁠ALEX⁠” McMeekin, was mentioned for the relevant position at fnatic.

Thus, the possibility of a fnatic transfer of MSL has been eliminated. On the other hand, the possibility of ALEX’s fnatic transfer gained strength.

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