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NASR Esports’ CEO Comments on the New Developments

In the previous days, NASR Esports incorporated the Turkish esports team, Royal Youth, to enter the League of Legends competitive stage in Turkey. Now, we have new comments from the CEO of NASR Esports, Lalit Vase.

Lalit Vase shared his comments on his LinkedIn account;

nasr esports

Very proud of what we have been able to achieve in 2020 and despite being a tough year, we had some big wins.

Being part of the US PRO Street Fighter League 2020 and this acquisition and entry into a LOL franchised league are significant achievements.

I am incredibly proud of the team in Dubai, Turkey, and Korea, who did a great job under some crazy circumstances.

Both these leagues offer aspiring gamers from the region a chance to show their talent on the global stage and realize their dreams.

We cannot wait to work with the next generation of talented players from the region with the passion, dedication, and dream to become the best in the world.

Lalit Vase, Founder and CEO of NASR Esports

Dubai-based NASR Esports was established in 2017 and continues its works mainly in the MENA region. In the previous days, the esports organization had incorporated the Turkish League of Legends team, Royal Youth. So, the organization will continue its achievements in Turkish tournaments, too. You can click here to visit the esports organization’s official website. Also, one of the organization’s sponsors is the famous live streaming service, Twitch.

NASR Esports Turkey TCL 2021 Winter Season Roster:

  • Young Seok ‘Last‘ Jung
  • Umut ‘Kituruken‘ Ceylan
  • Ahmad ‘Giyuu‘ Charif
  • Seung Min ‘BaekHo‘ Paek
  • Bahadır ‘Japone‘ Çolak
  • Eunseok ‘Eunko‘ Kim (Coach)
  • Remzi ‘Mynemosyn‘ Aydın (Coach)
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