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Netflix announced “The Cuphead Show”!

Netflix has announced the animated series of The Cuphead Show, which for months people have been building theories on the internet. Later on, those theories has become the subject of humor after there was no voice from any higher organization. An independent studio developed “Cuphead” in 2017. It took the game market by storm the year it was released. The game won the best art direction and best indie game awards at “The Game” awards ceremony in 2017. It also qualified for the awards at the BAFTA Game Awards for the Music Award category in 2018. The game is based on the cartoon graphics of the 1930s, and it is at a level that can beat most games in terms of art. Moreover, the developer team achieved this success with much less capital than an “AAA” quality game.

The Cuphead Show

In this “Run and Gun” type of game, the strategy is to take as little damage as possible from the enemies that come upon us and defeat them. It might seem simple. However, after spending 60 hours, I can say that this is one of the hardest games I’ve ever played. They adapted very simple gameplay mechanics to the art style of the game very well.

As a result, instead of running away when you see the difficulty, you wonder what the next enemy will look like. Now that we have some information about Cuphead, let’s talk about the details of the news.

The Cuphead Show!

Netflix announced the animated series “The Cuphead Show” at its Geeked event and they released a video for its promotion. Cuphead fans and nostalgia lovers were interested and they praised the show. In the video, we see that the show will present the cartoon graphics of the 1930s, just like in the game. Besides this, at the beginning of the video, we see that our villain is the same character from the game. Upon seeing this, we immediately thought “Is the series going to tell the story of the game?”. After this question, we noticed a conversation that IGN had with the producers of Cuphead about the series. According to the producers, Netflix’s animation team will be in charge of the animations, and not the developer team. In addition to this, the producers stated that the series, just like the game, is suitable for children. However, the producers preferred not to talk about who will take part in the series and what kind of story scheme they will proceed. See you in other news of this show.

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