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New Agent Astra Video And Abilities Leaked!

The new agent “Astra“, which we’ve been trying to guess from the clues that the Valorant team has been giving for days, has finally been revealed!

VALORANT New Agent Leaks So Far!

A teaser video of the 15th VALORANT Agent Astra who will be a Controller leaked by the Russian Valorant account on YouTube and removed after. Although there is no official statement yet, Astra is coming to bring a new wind to the world of VALORANT with her very cool looking talents. The new agent Astra, which has created great excitement in the VALORANT community, allows us to look at the cosmic world from a very different perspective, as can be seen from the video. Astra’s video was accidentally uploaded to VALORANT’s Russia account and was subsequently deleted. That’s why it has a Russian voiceover. The promotional video is given below.


VALORANT new agent Astra has the Smoke skill like every Controller. We do not know how sufficient it is in terms of distance, but it is seen that it can be activated remotely. Other abilities, though not fully clear from the video, are likely to attract and stun opponents. The most curious skill of the players, the ultimate, creates a bullet-proof area with the wall, similar to the Viper’s ultimate. But this wall does not limit the skills of the players.

Gravity Well


Nova Pulse




Astral Form / Cosmic Divide



The Astra agent’s abilities seem to be quite effective in the game. It provides a very pleasant experience not only in terms of usage but also especially for the person who plays the agent and other players as animation. We are already intrigued by the new agent Astra, who has a completely different vibe from the agents we’ve seen so far.

According to the latest share of VALORANT developers, it has been determined that the Controller Astra will be from Ghana. “We see some problems in the system. Some of our scouts are investigating the bottom ”and the flag of Ghana appears in their post.

As we mentioned before, we do not know the release date. There is no official announcement yet. I think it will be released with the new season at the latest. But VALORANT developers should make a detailed explanation soon after such a leak like that one. For more news, you can click on the links below.

VALORANT New Agent Leaks So Far!

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