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Nicklas “gade⁠” Gade Joins BIG

BIG announced the transfer of Nicklas “gade⁠” Gade, 26-year-old former North player from Denmark. The player, now included in the main roster, will represent his team in ESL Pro League Season 14.

BIG announced that the transfer of the 26-year-old player had been finalized. Because of this transfer, XANTARES also made an announcement, where he stated that he would no longer be a part of the squad.

Joining BIG has had me excited ever since it was decided. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

After having some time where you’re not certain of what the future would hold, it is definitely a feeling of pure joy now knowing this is my new home.

I hope and believe I can bring the final bits and pieces to take this project to the next level.

Nicklas “⁠gade⁠” Gade

We can say that “gade” joined the squad at a time of turmoil and instability. After IEM Cologne, the team found themselves in the eighth place in the global rankings. This was quite below their usual standing.

Due to his vast experience and leadership qualities, we expect Nicklas to play a key role in our team’s future, as he will also support tabseN inside and outside the game. We will announce the final roster composition of our starting lineup in the near future.

BIG’s CEO, Daniel Finkler

The official debut of BIG’s newest member will take place during ESL Pro League Season 14. The German team will compete in Group C between 27-31 August along with Natus Vincere, FaZe, mousesports, Evil Geniuses and fnatic.

The Current roster of BIG:

  • Johannes “⁠tabseN⁠” Wodarz
  • Tizian “⁠tiziaN⁠” Feldbusch
  • Nils “⁠k1to⁠” Gruhne
  • Florian “⁠syrsoN⁠” Rische
  • Nicklas “⁠gade⁠” Gade
  • Dustin “⁠DuDe⁠” Großmann (Coach)


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