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OtherSide Esports Announced Its Free Fire Squad!

OtherSide Esports, which has made a name for itself in the Turkish esports scene recently, announced its Free Fire squad. The organization has recently generated some buzz in the Turkish VALORANT scene.

They are generally seen as an organization with good training and player discipline. So we might see this new team getting some early wins.

Mobile esports scene of Turkey has general been around PUBG Mobile. However, we are starting to see a decent shift in Turkish teams, into the Free Fire scene.

One of these teams, OtherSide Esports, announced that they entered the Free Fire arena through their social media accounts and announced their roster:

Our family continues to grow! We are happy to announce our second lineup on the mobile platform. Our squad that will represent us in the “Free Fire” arena:

Emirhan “EMIR” Yalçındağ

Hakan “HAKAN41” Gur

Harun “HARUN41” Gur

Emirhan “EMOO38” Topal

İsmail “BLACK41” Gur

OtherSide Esports

As the esportimes, we wish good luck to the organization and its new players in the upcoming tournaments.


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