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Oxygen Esports Is #5 In The Europe Ranking

Oxygen Esports is continuing its climb in the Europe region. Our representative, whom we are used to seeing in the top 10, managed to be the 5th team in the Europe’s THESPIKE.GG rankings on 2 November.

THESPIKE.GG posted the top 10 rankings of three regions: North America, Europe and Asia. Our representative, Oxygen Esports, is in the Europe region and is securing its position in the top 10. Europe’s #1 is G2 Esports who has almost no defeats in the Ignition Series. Also, there are no other Turkish teams in the top 10.

Oxygen Esports Is In First Strike Finals!

Let’s take a look at the best teams of these 3 regions:

North America

  1. Sentinels
  2. Cloud9 Blue
  3. Envy
  4. TSM
  5. Gen.G Esports
  6. Andbox
  7. XSET
  8. Equinox Esports
  9. T1
  10. Dignitas

In the North America region, which is seen as the hardest region for Valorant, there are teams who are really close to each other’s level. Cloud9 Blue won the First Strike Qualifiers and managed to scale up 1 place. Sentinels became one of the 16 teams to attend the close qualifiers after the open qualifiers, however their performance was lower than expected. Nevertheless, they are keeping their position as the #1.


  1. G2 Esports
  2. FunPlus Phoenix
  3. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  4. Team Liquid
  5. Oxygen Esports
  6. Guild Esports
  7. SUMN FC
  9. Gambit Esports
  10. Vodafone Giants

Europe rankings are generally the ones that change a lot. It covers a big region and many tournaments are played. One of the most steady teams is our representative Oxygen Esports. They are generally in top 10. As of this moments, they ranked one place up and are now #5. Their win at the First Strike Open Qualifiers#1 has also affected this ranking. The top 4 teams are again keeping their place. On the other hand, we see Gambit Esports in top 10 for the first time. HSDIRR team got their old delayed points and ranked up 21 places to become #8.


  1. Vision Strikers
  2. Absolute JUPITER
  3. T1 Korea
  4. Reject
  5. Cloud9 Korea
  6. Attack All Around
  7. DetonatioN Gaming
  8. Sengoku Gaming
  9. ahq e-Sports Club
  10. Quantum Strikers

Asia region is also exciting. T1 Korea is in the top 3. Cloud9 Korea ranked one place up and became #5. And Quantum Strikers ranked 6 places up and managed to be in the top 10 list.

This is the last status of THESPIKE.GG Ranking. The First Strike Qualifiers are continuing for each region and the rankings will change after it is over, for sure. First Strike Finals are thought to be the first determiner event. In fact, it will be a determiner since we will see every team that deserves to be the champion in the finals.

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