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Parting In Digital Athletics Team!

There was a parting in the Digital Athletics team, which made its fans proud with its superior success at the PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 (PGI.S) tournament, which was the most important event for PUBG Esports.

Samil ‘Mitraleius‘ Ozkan, a member of the Digital Athletics PUBG squad, put out a statement on Twitter. He claimed in his announcement that “We part ways because the desired agreement did not comply with us and we wanted to protect our rights” and stated that our ways with the Digital Athletics team were separated.


In the meetings we had with Digital Athletics after PGI.S, the agreement that was trying to be made didn’t align with ours. In order to protect our rights, we decided to part ways. The roster will stay the same, we are looking for an organization that we can represent globally.

After the announcement, Mitraleius changed the phrase “PUBG player for Digital Athletics” in his Twitter biography as “PUBG player for ?“. His other teammates also supported this statement by retweeting.

After Mitraleius’s announcement, the Digital Athletics team announced on their official Twitter account that no agreement has yet been reached between the team and the players due to the problems in the contract. Also Digital Athletics team said that “We will join ESL PUBG Masters tournament with a different team.”

Kubilic1ous, the Operation Director of the Digital Athletics team, posted that “Unfortunately, I came to the turning point with the people who ı worked together since I started working in this sector“. He talked about most beautiful pleasures and unhappiness of the team and he shared his feelings by saying that “I hope you will always be happy and everything will be as you wish“. On the other hand, Sergejs “Blamous” Ablamonovs, the Latvian coach of the Digital Athletics team, stated in his post he shared on Twitter that “Due previous roster parted ways with DA, there will be a different roster for ESL.”

Murat “SIXMO” Öztürk, one of the former Digital Athletics PUBG players, published a statement on Twitter after the Digital Athletics team’s statement. The announcement made on April 17 was shared with the title “about announcement“.

SIXMO stated that the Digital Athletics team is not loyal to their agreement with the players on prize money. In addition, Digital Athletics team pointed out in a statement that there was a disagreement in the contract, but SIXMO said that the issue was more about the money earned at the PGI.S event.

We parted our ways with DA not because of a disagreement on the new contract, but because they didn’t stay loyal to the agreement made for PGI.S regarding the prize money.
They requested more and told us they wouldn’t be giving us our already agreed share of the prize money.
We did not intend to make such a statement, but we felt the need to express ourselves because it was wrongly reflected in the statement made by DA yesterday.

After the announcement of SIXMO, Digital Athletics team again posted a statement on Twitter regarding the parting of the PUBG roster.

The perception that the players could not get their money is unrealistic and there is no disagreement about the percentage agreed before the tournament” Digital Athletics team said in a statement. Digital Athletics announced that PUBG Esports has made changes to crowfunding bonus allowances. Then DA team continued his explanations, saying that the players claiming more than the promise made with an unexpected attitude left the Digital Athletics club in this situation. Digital Athletics team also added that the players stated that 16 hours before the ESL PUBG Masters tournament they would not play in the tournament and left the club house.

Explanations about this parting continued. Another player of the Digital Athletics team, Bunyamin “CodeMarco” Yalçınkaya published another statement on Twitter.

According to the statement, it was stated that digital athletics team delayed the players before the tournament on the meeting and contract. Also it claimed that agreement could not be reached. With a 3-month agreement made during the quarantine process in Korea, Digital Athletics team would receive 20% of the tournament prize, but Digital Athletics team said that would take 50% of the Crowfunding after the tournament.

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