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pAura’s Team Heretics Is At The First Strike Europe Finals!

Yesterday, the final teams of the First Strike Europe finals were determined by the playoffs of the second qualifier. Turkey’s representative pAura and Team Heretics became the last team to join the First Strike Europe finals.

Team Heretics had also participated in the first qualifiers and had managed to advance to the Play-in stage. They then paired up with Ninjas In Pyjamas and were defeated by 13-11.

Then; they managed to reach the Play-in stage again in the second Open qualifier with a successful chart like the first. Turkish player and his team, Team Heretics; firstly managed to advance to the playoffs by beating -team sheesh- by 13-8 in the Play-in; then Vasta gaming by 13-5, and they were paired with Team Finest.

Afterward, the first series began in the playoffs, and team nolpenki of cned qualified for the First Strike Finals by defeating Enterprise esports.

cNed and team nolpenki at the First Strike European finals!

The final series was between Team Heretics and Team Finest. It would not be a lie if we said that we watched the most comfortable matches on behalf of going to the First Strike Europe finals. Because Team Heretics was the leading side in the first two games. They won the first game by 13-3 on the Ascent map and the second game by 13-2 on the Bind map. They managed to become the last team to go to the main event.

Congratulations to Turkish player pAura and his team, Team Heretics, for participating in the First Strike European finals. We are also happy to see our two representatives, cNed and pAura, at the main tournament in Europe.

The First Strike Europe finals, like the other regions, will begin on 3 December and will be completed on 6 December. It has a total prize pool of €85,000. You can follow all the matches on the Valorant Esports Europe Twitch channel starting from 3 December.

Furkan Özdemir
Furkan Özdemir
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