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Plutus Enters Esports and Gaming with Six-figure Title Sponsorship of Lionscreed

Plutus, the London-based fintech company, has entered the esports arena with a six-figure headline sponsorship of Lionscreed.

Notably, the company has also announced its intention to expand its presence in esports and the wider gaming space, having already integrated PlayStation, Xbox and Steam into its perks and rewards.

Founded in 2015, Plutus is committed to empowering users when it comes to managing their money. They offer many of the same financial products as banks, with a focus on flexibility, integrating cryptocurrency and rewards programmes into their services. Spending with a Plutus card earns the user 3% back in digital rewards, as well as benefits from a range of products and services. These perks are personalised to the user and can include Spotify, Deliveroo, Netflix and more, and as mentioned there’s plenty for gaming fans too, with PlayStation, Xbox and Steam included.

Plutus CEO Danial Daychopan said:

Since the launch of our Gaming Perks in May, a significant portion of our user base has enthusiastically embraced one or more of these offers. This trend clearly demonstrates the appeal of the Plutus Rewards card within the gaming community, allowing them to easily earn rewards on everyday purchases, including game-related expenses.
PLU Rewards is the most effective way to introduce Web2 consumers to Web3, and this collaboration with Lionscreed is a major step towards our long-term goal of dominating the gaming sector.

Plutus CEO Danial Daychopan

Dale Adams, COO and co-founder of Lionscreed, commented:

This is a milestone for LC, and we are delighted to be working with Plutus. Lionscreed has established itself as one of the most exciting up-and-coming eSports teams in the UK, and working with Plutus will allow us to launch a number of projects and tournaments that we are actively working on for our community.
With Plutus’ support, we can offer the best events and opportunities to everyone, including those involved in our new educational mission. We already have exciting plans for community events at New Meta and activations at EGX, Insomnia, and ESI London in the coming months, with more to follow.

Dale Adams, COO and co-founder of Lionscreed

This investment and commitment to the sector come at a time of some economic turbulence for teams, especially with some sponsors pulling back, but Plutus is unequivocal in its belief in the potential of esports and gaming fans in general for its ROI.

With many Plutus customers actively involved in gaming, the company wanted to support this passion and explore the exciting potential of enhancing gaming through crypto rewards, with what they see as “a clear affinity between the two”. You can read more about Plutus here and join Discord here.

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