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PSG Esports Partners With Team New Age

Paris Saint-Germain Esports, the esports arm of French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has partnered with North American esports organization Team New Age (TNA).

Organizations jointly created a new Fortnite team called PSG.TNA. The team will make their debut in the ongoing Fortnite competitive season.

According to the statement, the new team will predominantly compete on the North America East server of the Fortnite Champions Series. The team of six Fortnite esports players from the Americas and Oceania will be based in a private gaming house in Washington.

Fabien Allègre, Brand Director of Paris Saint-Germain, said the following:

“Five years on from its creation, PSG Esports has taken another step forward. This is our first move on American soil and into the world’s most popular game. TNA has already won the Champions Series five times. We’re joining up with a battle-hardened team and our goal is to work together and go even higher.”

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PSG Esports competes in a variety of games, including League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Arena of Valor, through strategic partnerships with existing esports teams.

The organization also runs PSG Esports Academy, which promotes ethical gaming and offers training on a variety of topics. Also, in 2021 PSG opened an esports studio dedicated to gaming and digital events in Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris.

Joaquin Delmar, Founder and CFO of Team New Age, said the following:

“This is a historic opportunity for Team New Age. What once started as a project between three lifelong friends has now turned into one of the best teams in North America. Partnering up with one of the biggest global sporting brands in the world elevates our ambitions we have as an esports organisation. PSG TNA is the perfect joining of forces to become the premiere, industry-leading Fortnite team not only in the Americas, but in the world.”

Few football clubs are as committed to esports as Paris Saint-Germain. It seems as the organization continues to expand its esports portfolio across various games, it will also continue to expand partnership model by partnering with other organizations.


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