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PUBG Continental Series 5 (PCS5) Begins!

The most critical PUBG esports event is about to begin. Only few days are left for PCS5, the fifth PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES, which is the most important point to reach the PUBG Global Championship (PGC).

PCS5 takes place in four different regions. The fight for APAC and North-South America begins on September 16. The start date for Europe and Asia is September 18.

  • Asia region; Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan
  • Asia Pacific region; Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • North-South America region; North America and Latin America
  • Europe region; Europe, Middle East and Africa

PUBG PCS5 tournament calendar

Asia Pacific/North-South America region

  • 16-17 September
  • 23-24 September
  • 30 September – 1 October

Asia/Europe region

  • 18-19 September
  • September 25-26
  • October 2-3

Matches will consist of 36 matches per region. Six matches will be played each day and the regions will complete their matches within 6 days.

Prize Pool

The prize pool of this giant tournament is quite generous:

In other words, a total of 1 million dollars worth of prizes will be distributed in the tournament, with 250 thousand dollars deducted for each region. Then the top eight teams will split the $230k according to their standings.

There will also be a prize of 20 thousand dollars for different categories. Additionally, PUBG will distribute 30% of its net sales from item sales to teams

PUBG PCS5 Pick’em Challenge

With the return of PCS5, the Pick’em Challenge event also returns. Lets take a look at the details of the event.

PCS5 Items sale time

For PC: September 8, 2021 – September 30, 2021 5pm KST

For Console: September 16, 2021 11:00 KST – October 20, 2021 11:00 KST

Duration of the PCS5 Pick’em Challenge eventSeptember 2021 – 30 September 2021 18:00 KST

PCS5 Pick’em Rewards Time

October 5, 2021 – October 20, 2021 11:00 KST

Esports shop sales time

September 8, 2021 – October 20, 2021 11:00 KST

Stay tuned to learn more about PUBG tournaments!

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