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Sangal Eliminated from ESL National Championship Global!

Sangal Esports’ ESL National Championship Global adventure was a cut short. During the playoffs, Sangal faced against team Sprout and lost 2-0.

ESL National Championship Global Playoffs saw teams coming from 8 different regions. Sprout was one of the better teams in the competition and the fans of Sangal hoped for a miracle. However, in the end, that never happened.

The team added imoRR to its roster before the tournament and had 6 active players. The full roster was MAJ3R, S3NS3Y, l0gicman, imoRR and paz. However, during the series, they could not hold the map to their advantage at all and got steam rolled by Sprout.

Sangal made a surprising move in the map selection. They banned their favorite map Dust2, in favor of Mirage which they were not good at. Sprout chose Vertigo, and the last map was Train.


Sangal started the series with a 4-0 lead. Team Sprout caught up to them and the score of the first half was 8-7. The second half started the same and Sangal had a 3-0 lead. However, Sprout successfully managed a big comeback and won 8 rounds back to back, winning the map 16-10.

SproutK (hs)DKASTK-D DiffADRRating2.0
slaxz-27 (5)1196.2%+1696.51.78
kressy22 (12)1788.5%+582.11.36
faveN23 (13)1665.4%+7101.11.27
denis14 (5)2069.2%-660.50.91
Spiidi12 (6)1769.2%-561.20.78
SangalK (hs)DKASTK-D DiffADRRating2.0
paz24 (16)1765.4%+796.01.32
l0gicman15 (8)1769.2%-254.10.91
S3NSEY19 (4)2057.7%-168.90.90
imoRR14 (5)2353.8%-964.30.76
MAJ3R9 (4)2150.0%-1255.20.56


Giving a strong map such as Dust2 was a big mistake for Sangal. The team managed to play strong on the attacking side but could not keep their performance while being on the defensive. This can be seen clearly as Sprout once again managed to make a massive comeback.

Sangal had a 4 point advantage on the attacking side. Yet, Sprout did manage to close the gap a bit, and the first half ended with a score of 9-6. Sprout knew that Sangal was going to be weak on the defensive side, and they used it to their advantage to push harder. In the end, Sangal failed miserably on the defense side, and lost the map with a score of 16-4.

SproutK (hs)DKASTK-D DiffADRRating2.0
faveN25 (10)1790.0%+887.71.48
slaxz25 (7)1773.3%+876.81.29
Spiidi23 (12)2056.7%+374.81.06
kressy19 (9)1783.3%+263.51.04
denis13 (10)2456.7%-1173.30.78
SangalK (hs)DKASTK-D DiffADRRating2.0
paz24 (11)1770.0%+785.41.25
imoRR23 (17)2456.7%-190.11.08
ngiN18 (8)1970.0%-166.81.01
S3NSEY17 (1)2260.0%-555.00.73
MAJ3R13 (7)2350.0%-1067.00.71

Sprout will move to the next stage and will face against EC Brugge.


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