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Sangal Esports Gets Eliminated from the European Development Championship

Turkish representative Sangal left the tournament after being eliminated by the EndPoint team in the European Development Championship Season 3 Quarterfinals.

With this loss, Sangal finished the tournament with a score of 5-8 between wraps. Sangal’s closest encounter is LOOT. BET will play against the Anonymo team on May 4th in the Season 9 tournament.

Sangal Esports’ European Development Championship adventure ended with a loss.

Sangal had started the European Development Championship from Group D. Out of three games in this group, Sangal came second behind the Sinners team with two wins and one loss. Sangal, who earned to play in the Playoffs with this result, lost 2-0 to the EndPoint team in the quarter-final fight and was eliminated from the tournament.

The Quarter-final fight was played in the Bo3 format. On the maps, Sangal chose Dust 2 as its first choice. Its opponent, Endpoint, chose the Mirage map. In case of a tie, the match would be extended on the Train map.

Dust 2

Actually, Sangal told everything to be told on its social media account. We lost a map in which we trust ourselves the most and chose a map in every fight we played, with a heavy result.

Sangal, who started the game on the T-side because they chose the map, could not break its opponent’s incredible defense game. Sangal, who could only get 4 rounds in the first half, could not unlock the defense and lost a great advantage to its opponent. In the second half, things continued in the same way. This time, Endpoint did a good job on the Attackers side and did not tire both themselves and Sangal, and won the first map by 16-6, leading 1-0 in the series.


The second map of the series was Mirage. Sangal, which has been performing well so far, had to win both the Mirage and Train maps to advance to the next round.

Since the endpoint team chose the Mirage map, Sangal was starting this time on the CT-side. Mirage, a really compelling map in terms of attack and defense, was expected to be an equivalent game and indeed it was. With a score of 8-7, Sangal Esports had the lead in the first half of the second map, and both teams showed an equivalent game as expected.

In the second half, both teams were eager, with Endpoint trying to break the match, while Sangal was struggling to bring the situation to 1-1. However, the efforts were not enough and Sangal lost the second half by 8-7, causing the match to go into overtime. During the overtime, Sangal could not affect the game and lost by 4-1 and lost the match by 19-16. Having scored 2-0, Endpoint advanced to the next round, while Turkish representative Sangal was eliminated from the tournament.

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