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Sangal Esports Becomes to Winner of ESL Turkey Championship!

The final match between Istanbul Wildcats and Sangal Esports was played today in the ESL Turkey Championship.

Previously, Istanbul Wildcats faced Şahangiller Espor in the semi-finals of the ESL Turkey Championship Playoffs. Istanbul Wildcats became the first team to reach the finals by winning this match with a score of 2-0. As for the Sangal, they faced Çamlıca Espor in the semi-finals. Sangal won the match 2-0 and became the second team to reach the final stage.

Brief Summary of Sangal Esports vs Istanbul Wildcats Match

First Map – Mirage:

The first map of the Sangal vs Istanbul Wildcats match was the Mirage map chosen by Istanbul Wildcats. There was a highly competitive atmosphere on the first map, which led to overtime. Until the last moments of the match, the two teams played very close to each other. As a result, the first half did not end with too much of a score difference between the two teams. Istanbul Wildcats was leading by 8-7, in the first stage.

In the second half, both teams had relatively small winning streaks. Despite this, the two teams could not open the score difference between them. At the end of the second half, Sangal won by 8-7. This made the match a 15-15 even. Due to this tie, overtime rounds were played. In overtime rounds, Sangal managed to beat its opponent by 19-17.

Congratulations @sangalgg! #ToTheNewVictories
With this championship, Sangal Esports qualified for the ESL National Championships Global Playoffs.

Second Map – Nuke:

The map of the second match chosen by the Sangal and it was the Nuke. Unlike the first game, Sangal was the dominant side throughout the match. Sangal got a quick start on the second map. They didn’t give their opponent much of a chance. They held the strings throughout the game. Sangal finished the first half with a 10-5 lead. Later they managed to maintain this fast and good momentum for the second half as well.

Sangal finished the second half fast against their opponent by maintaining a 6-0 winning streak. Thus, they finished the second map with a 16-5 lead. By winning the second map, they continued their lead with 2-0 in the series.

Third Map – Dust:

The Dust map was played on the 3rd match, which had a crucial importance in the course of the series. Istanbul Wildcats started the 3rd map very well. As a result of this good start, they achieved a 5-0 lead. Sangal couldn’t respond efficiently to its opponent’s start. But during the first half, they slowly tried to pull themselves together. As their beginning gave them good momentum, Istanbul Wildcats finished the first half with a 10-5 lead.

However, things did not go well for the Istanbul Wildcats in the second half. Throwing out of its unresponsiveness in the first half, Sangal entered the second half with a full concentrate. By the beginning of the second half, Sangal was behind by 13-5. Despite this, they never give up their hope for the match. Then Sangal started winning rounds in a row. Istanbul Wildcats couldn’t respond adequately to this row. At the end of third 3, Sangal turned the tables to a 16-14 win over its opponent. Thus, they managed to get a 3-0 lead in the series.

Champion of Tukey is Sangal Esports!

Sangal became the tournament winner with a 3-0 lead against Istanbul Wildcats. By losing the match, Istanbul Wildcats finished the tournament in the second place. They received a $1,500 prize. As for the Sangal Esports, they qualified for ENC Global Playoff Spring 2021 as the tournament winner. Also, they received a $2300 prize.

As the esportimes.com family, we congratulate Sangal Esports for their winning in the tournament.

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