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Sangal Esports’ Captain Makes a Statement After Their Loss

The captain of Sangal Esports CS: GO team Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli, made a statement after their heavy defeat.

During ESEA Premier Season 36, Sangal Esports had a very good start against its rival ALTERNATE aTTaX in the European region. Having caught a 12-1 lead, Sangal finished the first half ahead with a score of 12-3. The Turkish team moved to the CT side in the second half. Sadly, ALTERNATE aTTaX managed to stage a comeback and at one point, the score was 15-15. During the tie-breakers, ALTERNATE aTTaX managed to beat Sangal with a score of 19-17.

Sangal faced heavy criticism on Twitter, because they lost a game where they had a significant lead. After the match, Sangal’s captain MAJ3R shared his statement on Twitter:

Gentlemen, I really love you, the worst day is the most beautiful day. You are right, at the moment we have no other worries than losing such a match, but there were also positive things. We need to be strong individually and that way the team will be better.

Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli – Captain of Sangal Esports

The match was lost during the night time, however, the criticisms continued until the morning hours. MAJ3R published a new statement. This time the focus was on the team’s AWP player, Ekrem “l0gicman” Aydın. He was heavily criticized by the community for being ineffective.

Normally I do not write such things, however, we started this endeavor with Ekrem, and we will go till the end with him. We will leave him on the side of the road. If you don’t wish to support us, no worries, I respect that!

It is a very weak act to blame a human being. Ekrem is not the main problem of the team. Does he play well? No. He knows it and works every day. In order to change this, everyone should think about themselves, including me. I am not playing well nowadays either. We need to continue to train.

Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli – Captain of Sangal Esports

So, the captain said that, they would continue their journey with Ekrem “l0gicman” Aydın, and that everyone in the team, including himself, needed to get better.

The team’s mistakes and performances should be open to discussion. If a team wants to be successful, the players must correct their mistakes. However, harsh comments will also lead to a negative impact. Both for the team, and the individual players. At the end of the day, we hope to see a better Sangal in future games.


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