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The Fate of Sangal Esports Depends on the 5th Match!

Turkish representative, Sangal Esports, who gains prestige day by day and starts to receive invitations from many tournaments in the CS:GO arena, faced with the SINNERS Esports in the 4th game of the Shadow League Season 1.

On January 27, Sangal Esports team faced with the SINNER Esport team, the world ranking of which is 32 on the list announced by HLTV on January 25, in the Snow Sweet Snow Regional competition and won the match by 2-1.

Maps of the Bo3 format match, where the winner will move up to the main stage in the Shadow League Season 1 tournament, were as follows :

  • Inferno (Choice of SINNERS’)
  • Dust II (Choice of Sangal’)
  • Mirage (Final decision map)

The match was lost by Sangal with scores of 16-11 in Inferno and 19-17 in Dust II. Thus, the status of the Sangal Esports become 2-2 in Shadow League Season 1. Due to the current score of 2-2, and Sangal’s hope to move up to next stage in the league became depended to the 5th match that will be played on January 31. The result of this match will determine the fate of Sangal Esport in the Shadow League Season 1.

Statistics of the Match

Engin ‘ngiN‘ Kor52-43+989.474.6%1.21
Ekrem ‘l0gicman‘ Aydin39-40-169.474.6%1.18
Ömer ‘imoRR‘ Karataş46-43+380.465.1%1.04
Engin ‘MAJ3R‘ Küpeli38-47-973.368.3%0.94
Ahmet ‘paz‘ Karahoca29-51-2251.758.7%0.64
Tomáš ‘oskar‘ Šťastný59-39+2096.479.4%1.41
Sebastian ‘beastik‘ Daňo47-41+670.669.8%1.11
Adam ‘NEOFRAG‘ Zouhar42-42081.373.0%1.08
Jindřich ‘ZEDKO‘ Chyba39-42-373.073.0%0.99
Max ‘SHOCK‘ Kvapil36-41-555.765.1%0.85

You can follow this critical match, which will be played on January 31, on the Shadow League Global Twitch Channel.

Shadow League 1 Matches With Sangal Esports Will Not Be Available In Turkish

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Ali Anıl Tonka
Ali Anıl Tonka
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