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Sangal Esports Got Even Closer To MDL!

After the Valorant First Strike Qualifier #2 semi-finals, the teams that will play in the final were determined. Sangal Esports members, who are trying to be the winner of ESEA MDL Season 36 got even closer to their goal. Our representative, Sangal Esports, competed in the ESEA Advanced league and left for the playoffs. In their first match in the playoffs, they won by 2-1 against Wygers. Taking one step further with this victory, our representative faced with Cream Real Betis.

Our representatives who had a tough fight against the Cream Real Betis team beat their opponents by 2-1 and reached the semi-finals with this victory. The team they will face in the semifinals will be Lyngby Vikings.

Our second match in the ESEA Advanced Playoffs, we reached the semi-finals with winning 2-1 against the @CreamRealBetis team.

It was quite a tough match for our representative, Sangal. The ping problem experienced by our players has been a problem for us. Our representative, who could not play a comfortable game, managed to win despite all the difficulties and bad morale.

Sangal Esports vs. Cream Real Betis

The first map became Inferno with Sangal’s election. Our representatives were ahead by a significant margin with a score of 11-4 in the first half. In the second half, they won 5 more rounds, beating the first map by 16-7.

The second map was Vertigo with the choice of Real Betis. It is the most popular map of recent times. Real Betis, who finished ahead by 10-5 in the first half, could not show the same performance in the second half. Despite all the setbacks in the second half, our representative managed to deal with and make the situation 15-15. The opponent gave us a hard time with some changes in the match that went into extra time.

The last map is Nuke. The match got heated as time went on and we watched a very contentious fight. In the first half, Sangal was ahead by an 8-7 score. In the second half, Sangal never gave the opponent an opportunity by clinging to their chance to be ahead. Our representative, who took 8 rounds without giving any opportunity to their opponent, won the last map by 16-7. With this victory, Sangal managed to take place in the semi-finals of the ESEA Advanced playoffs.

We were all delighted with the success of our representative, Sangal Esports. Sangal Esports got even closer to MDL. We wish our representative Sangal Esports success in their future struggles.

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