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Sangal Esports Got Qualified For MDL!

With the involvement of Turkey5 on 26 April, Sangal Esports came back to the CS:GO pro scene. After seven months, Sangal got entitled to play in the MDL Season 36, which is the lower league of ESL Pro League.

Turkey’s representative competed in the ESEA Season 35 Advanced, which started on 1 September. They closed the league stage in 14th place with 10 wins and 6 losses and qualified to compete in the playoffs. They prepared well for the upcoming playoffs and they became the champion of ESEA Advanced. With that championship, they also qualified for MDL Season 36 and took $4.500 from the prize pool.

sangal esports mdl

You can see the Sangal Esports‘ playoff matches down below.

  • Sangal Esports 2-1 Wygers – Upper Bracket Round 1
  • Sangal Esports 2-1 Cream Real Betis – Upper Bracket Round 2
  • Sangal Esports 2-1 Lyngby Vikings – Upper Bracket Round 3
  • Movistar Riders 0-2 Sangal Esports – Upper Bracket Final
  • Sangal Esports 3-0 Movistar Riders – Grand Final

Sangal vs Movistar – The Final Match Before MDL

Sangal Esports was advancing in the upper bracket rounds by winning every playoff match. They faced against Spanish Movistar Riders in the upper bracket final. By winning that match, Sangal qualified for Grand Final and by being the best team of the upper bracket, they had the advantage of starting 1-0 ahead of their future opponents in the Grand Final.

Movistar, again, became Sangal’s opponent in the Bo5-formatted Grand Final. By starting 1-0 ahead of Movistar, only two wins would be enough for Sangal to win the grand final. Sangal won the first match that played at Train by 16-12, and they also won the second match that played at Inferno by 16-12. With the results, Sangal became the champion of ESEA Advanced Season 35.

Sangal EsportsK-D+/-KASTRating2.0
Ömer ‘imoRR‘ Karataş50-33+1767.9%1.40
Ekrem ‘l0gicman‘ Aydin46-32+1476.8%1.29
Ahmet ‘paz‘ Karahoca33-36-375.0%1.09
Engin ‘MAJ3R‘ Küpeli33-29+476.8%1.05
Engin ‘ngiN‘ Kor35-32+369.6%1.01
Movistar RidersK-D+/-ADRKASTRating2.0
Kristjan ‘shokz‘ Jakobson39-40-179.366.1%1.06
Lucas ‘steel‘ Lopes37-38-173.555.4%0.93
Alejandro ‘alex‘ Masanet35-38-367.258.9%0.90
Alejandro ‘mopoz‘ Quejo Cano27-43-1665.858.9%0.76
Sebastian ‘larsen‘ Larsen23-40-1751.755.4%0.65

At the start of the first game (in the Train map), Sangal started as the CT team and won the first half of the match by 11-4. In the second round, even though they struggled a little, they didn’t give up and won the match by 16-12.

In the second game, played in the Inferno map, Sangal started the game as the T team and won the first round without difficulty by 12-3. They started the second round comfortably and at the end of the day, they won the second match by 16-12, again, and won the ESEA Advanced Season 35 Europe. With that results, Sangal Esports qualified for MDL.

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