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Sangal’s Opponent in MDL is Announced!

The opponent of Sangal Esports that will compete in the ESEA MDL 36 has been determined. In the semi-finals of ESEA Advanced Season 35 Europe playoffs upper bracket, Movistar Riders vs Winstrike match was played. The winner of the match, Movistar Riders, became Turkey’s representative Sangal’s opponent in the upper final.

Vertigo and Nuke maps were played in the match held in Bo3 format. The Movistar Riders was the winning team with scores of 16-5 (Vertigo map) and 19-15 (Nuke map). Sangal’s opponent will be Movistar Riders.

Movistar Riders CS:GO Team

  • Lucas “steel” Lopes
  • Sebastian “larsen” Larsen
  • Alejandro “alex” Masanet
  • Alejandro Fernández-Quejo “mopoz” Cano
  • Kristjan “shokz” Jakobson

In the upper final of the ESEA Advanced S35 playoffs, our representative, Sangal Esports, will face Movistar Riders (if there is no change) on 23 November at 22.30. The bo3 format winner will advance to the Grand Final of the ESEA Advanced S35 playoffs, while the loser will drop into the lower bracket and get another chance for the Grand Final by playing the Consolidation Final.

We will be looking forward to what will happen in the future. As the Esport Times team, we wish our representative Sangal Esports success on their way to MDL!

You can click here to find more Sangal Esport news.

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
21 yaşında, istanbul teknik üniversitesi öğrencisi, her oyun tarzından biraz biraz, müzik tutkunu


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