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Sentinels Announced Their Wild Rift Team!

Team Sentinels, who have had much success in the VALORANT scene, will now compete in Wild Rift as well!

Announcing their roster, the team seems to be coming strong. The fact that the players in the roster are former Arena of Valor players who are familiar with the MOBA genre means that they will not be strangers. Let’s take a look at the names.

Sentinels Announced Wild Rift Team!


  • TOP LANE: Matt ”MTS” Stover
  • JUNGLE: Kevin ”Sheesh” Chavez
  • MID: Michael Udall
  • DAMAGE: Tanner ”Rest” Scadden
  • SUPPORT: Jacob ”Beginnings” Chavez
  • COACH: William ”ThePierceJ” Ware

Matt, the top laner of the team, made some statements:

“Sentinels was always an organization I had been looking at in NA, especially with all their recent accomplishments, so I’m excited to now be a part of them. Can’t wait to finally compete in NA again with a fresh start and win some trophies.”

Matt “MTS” Stover

Another post came from the team’s mid laner, Michael:

“It feels amazing to join Sentinels, I watched Bugha win (the Fortnite World Cup) live and was solidified as a Sentinels fan after the Valorant World Championship. Sentinels know how to build and support winning teams. I hope to help bring home first a North American Championship and then work on a world championship.”

Michael Udall

Overall, players seem to have not gotten over the excitement of joining the Sentinels. Being in such a well-established and successful club brings such feelings with it.

If you want to be informed about other news of the Sentinels team, you can reach the official social media address here.

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