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Sinners Is Qualified for ESL Pro League S14!

The late stage favorites, Sinners secured their ESL Pro League S14 ticket. The Czech team finished ESEA Premier Season 37 as champions.

The ESEA Premier Season 37 European Final came to an end with the Bo5 series. The series, took place online and the reward was $20,000 + ESL Pro League tickets. Sinners, who became the favorite of the tournament by beating BIG in the semi-finals, faced AGO in the finals.

According to the rules of ESEA, 2 map wins were enough for the Sinners, who started the match 1-0 ahead as they were never defeated in the play-offs. While using these advantage well, the Czechs finished the Nuke map with an overwhelming superiority. In Vertigo, the 3rd map, Sinners, who closed the first half ahead 11-4, put AGO in a very underwhelming situation. By declaring the championship with 5 round points collected from the last half, Sinners increased their streak to 6 and managed to grab the ESL Pro League ticket. Thus, the 15th team participating in this big August tournament is now clear. AGO, who finished second in ESEA Premier, earned $12,000 prize.

Birthday Game!

Oskar also had his birthday. He mesmerized his audience with a great show. As a Sinners player, with a great game knowledge, he put on a show with 52-21 K/D and became the MVP of the match.

Former ESL One champion oskar almost hit the tournament record with a rating of 1.56/2.0. He also averaged 90.7 damage per round, but couldn’t beat his teammate NEOFRAG‘s 96.2 damage. On the other hand, AGO’s most popular player was the old Virtus.pro’s snatchie. In addition to being the top of his team, he managed to score a 43-37 K/D ratio and 1.10/2.0 rating.

You can find detailed statistics of all players on the HLTV match page.

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