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Spor Istanbul Will Offer Esports Classes In Turkey!

Spor Istanbul, which has been organizing online festivals in Turkey throughout the pandemic, now prepares to become the first institution in Turkey to offer online esports classes.

The organization, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, continues its efforts to build a healthier future for the citizens of the Istanbul as well as increasing the quantity of physical and mental activities.

Spor Istanbul comes up with innovative projects that are targeting the young population. Now they are taking an important step regarding esports. Esport classes will be the sixteenth subject in addition to the other fifteen different sport branches.

With these first online esport classes in Turkey, kids will get esports experience, which is becoming more and more prevalent. Kids will also learn ways to protect their physical and mental health with this program which will be supported with theoretical classes on different subjects.

Emre Ergül, the founder of Daxe Games and Sangal Esports, one of Turkey’s largest esports clubs, prepared the esports training program for children aged between 8 and 15.

In this process, young people will experience esports with Brawl Stars and Minecraft. Professional esports manager Berke Mol and esports coach Canpolat Yıldıran, who brought success to Turkey in the international arena, will come together with the youth to share their experiences.

The program aims to develop children’s cognitive skills, creative thinking abilities, leadership characteristics, computer and social media use, as well as in-game communication. Children who will participate in esports training will also take theoretical, psychology and physiotherapy lessons from experts.

The training will consist of a theoretical day and a practical day each week. The training will be held online and is going to last for 8 weeks. Esports training classes, will start on Monday, August 16.

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