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Team Demiral Announces Its FIFA Ultimate Team Roster!

Team Demiral, founded by the Turkish national football player Merih Demiral attracted some attention with their post yesterday. The team, which released a video named coming soon, aroused everyone’s curiosity.

The time has come. One day left!

Let’s get everyone’s guesses.



Most of the fans were waiting for a VALORANT team after this post, where they questioned which game they should start with. Of course, such a request was naturally welcomed, as everyone gravitates towards VALORANT today. But things did not turn out as the fans wanted. In fact, it is very natural for a national football player’s team to start with a football game.

Here are the Team Demiral Fifa Ultimate Team players:

As Team Demiral Esports, we are happy to announce our FIFA Ultimate Team squad.

Emre “KCKHSYN” Kucukhuseyin @emrekckhsyn

Arda “JANARDA” Azinyan @janardaa



The names of the players are as follows:

  • Emre ”KCKHSYN” Kucukhuseyin
  • Arda ”JANARDA” Azinyan

Team Demiral, will inevitably turn to other esports titles in the future. For now, we wish their new players good luck in the upcoming tournaments.

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