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Team Heretics loWel: “PAura is a player who wants to improve all the time.”

Spain – based esports organization Team Heretics continues to play in First Strike: Europe qualifiers. Team captain “loWel” expressed his thoughts about his teammates during an interview with Dot Esports the other day. Christian “loWel” Garcia Antoran also spoke about Melih “pAura” Karaduran, who successfully represents Turkey in Europe.

You can access the whole interview here.

Christian “loWel” Garcia Antoran, team captain of Team Heretics, stated during the interview that he was ‘really happy’ with his team. Team captain loWel, expressed his feelings about Team Heretics playing against the most successful teams in Europe with a wider spectrum of opponents than playing against Spain teams, as follows:

It’s no difference for us. I mean it doesn’t matter against who we play. We’re gonna do our 100%. We’re playing to win.

After giving ‘Giants‘ as an example from Spain, loWel said that ‘in Europe, we are fine also’ and that they ‘beat almost every team on practice’.

As we all know, Team Heretics is not a team with only Spanish players. Thus, the interviewer asks “You guys are on an international roster. I think every single one of you is from a different country. What’s it like to play on a team where you guys all have to communicate in English and not necessarily being able to speak the language that you actually speak?” To answer, loWel explains that this is not a big problem for him since he ‘used to play on international teams’ and everyone in the team, in fact, knows English.

Maybe “pAura” is having some issues lately because he doesn’t know English that much. But, he’s improving, he’s learning so, I’m happy with him.

After, when asked about his opinions on his teammates, ‘pAura‘ and ‘nieSoW‘, he says:

They’re really good teammates. pAura is a really good teammate, like, he’s a player who wants to improve all the time. So, for me, that’s something that’s really important. Because he wants to improve all the time, he’s asking what mistakes he’s doing. And Dustyn is kind of the same. He’s a really good teammate. Personally, I think that he can be the best player in the world because he has really good mechanics, really good game sense. I played with really good players before, you know, on CS:GO, and I can see that he can be one of the best, if not the best player in the world. So, I’m really happy with those two.

For a lot of people, Team Heretics is currently Europe’s best team. They are currently on the qualifiers, and we hope that we will see them in the First Strike Finals on December.

As the Esport Times team, we thank Melih pAura” Karaduran for representing Turkey successfully in Europe, and wish Team Heretics continued success in the esports stage.

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