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The IEM Rio Major 2022 Grand Final Was only Placed Second in Viewership Numbers in the Tournament

The IEM Rio Major 2022 Grand Final between Heroic and Outsiders was only the second most-watched match of the tournament. The quarter-final game between FURIA and NAVI reached 1.38 million viewers and surpassed the 1.14 million viewership of the Heroic – Outsiders grand final.

Additionally, the FURIA vs. NAVI match became the fifth match with the most peak viewership in CS:GO history. On the other hand, the Heroic vs. Outsiders final failed to reach the viewer numbers of the two previous grand finals. The PGL Stockholm Major Grand Final reached 2.74 million viewers, while the Rio grand final only passed 1.14 million.

Umut Yiğit Torun
Umut Yiğit Torun
Fnatic and Tottenham Hotspur fan


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