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FURIA Canceled Partnership with Cryptocurrency Exchange Company FTX

André Akkari, the Co-Founder of Brazilian esports organization FURIA, announced on Twitter that FURIA has terminated its sponsorship agreement with FTX.

The decision came after FTX, which also sponsored TSM and the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), filed for bankruptcy on October 11th. FURIA’s one-year deal with FTX in April 2022 was worth approximately $3.2 million.

In the post published by FURIA, it was stated that;

“After a conversation with our contacts at the company, it was decided that FURIA will discontinue the FTX exhibition, removing the brand from all its spaces. The objective is to prevent the current phase of the company from harming any fan. FURIA continues to value our strong partners and promote them, however always prioritizing our fans at any cost.”

The decision seems to take effect immediately as the FTX branding was already missing in the CS:GO roster’s jerseys in IEM Rio Major 2022. On the other hand, FTX has a 10-year deal with TSM for $210 million and a 7-year deal with LCS. There are no developments regarding these sponsorships yet.

Umut Yiğit Torun
Umut Yiğit Torun
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