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Turkey Was Defeated In The Valorant Spike Nations Semifinals

The last games are being played in the Valorant Spike Nations tournament . In the competitive tournament, the group stage was completed and Turkey’s opponent was determined as England. Our representative Turkey, managed to come to the semi-finals undefeated and was considered as one of the favorites. England was one of the toughest teams and finished in second place in Group B. Therefore, Turkey didn’t have a chance to make a mistake.

Spike Nations Turkey vs. England

In the Spike Nations semi-final, played in the Bo1 format, the first map was Haven. Our representative started the match as the Attackers. Turkey had an unsuccessful first half, and finished behind England by 10-2. Turkey‘s motivation was falling down because of the first half, and they had to recover in the second half. Our team moved to the Defenders side in the second half. Turkey returning to life again, our representative managed to bring the score from 12-4 to 12-10. At that time, we were all watching the perfect comeback. But it wasn’t enough for more, England managed to win the match by 13-10. Turkey was defeated.

Congrats! Our representatives made us proud with their legendary performance at the Spike Nations semi-finals. Bravo guys!
Thanks to @berkercs for his exciting presentation, and thanks to especially our representatives and everyone who shared our enthusiasm.

Thus, our representatives said goodbye to the tournament because of their loss. On the other hand, England earned to go to the Valorant Spike Nations final.

The other team that will attend the Valorant Spike Nations final will be the winner of the fight between Spain and Portugal.

Turkey made a very successful start but actually, it was not a success completely. We hope we can succeed next time. Also, we thank our Turkey representatives for the beautiful game they put for us to watch and wish them continued success.

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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