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Valorant Elite Invitational Tournament With 10.000 TL Prize

Tournaments for the famous game Valorant have never stopped for months. A new tournament is coming for Valorant, which keeps its fun and vitality at the highest level with the activities for the game. A Turkish website, Gamerbase announced Valorant Elite Invitational Tournament with a prize of 10.000 TL.

The tournament which has a big prize will host 16 talented and successful teams. Valorant Elite Invitational Tournament, held by Aorus Türkiye and AMD’s sponsorship, will be organized by Gamerbase.

Teams that have been specially invited and will compete in the tournament:

Gamerbase announced that the tournament will begin on Tuesday, December 15th. Also, they mentioned in their announcement that 15-18 December group stages, 23-28 December play-off stages will be played.

Valorant Elite Invitational Tournament where Turkey’s 16 giant teams compete in begin at December 15, Tuesday!

Even though we mentioned that the tournament will have the 16 best teams of Turkey, one team is not on the list. We expected to see BBL Esports in the tournament, but they do not take part in the tournament. Many people think they do not participate because of the small prize pool and their preparation for international tournaments.

The tournament will be live on the Gamerbase official Twitch channel.

Prize Pool and Its Distribution

The prize pool of the tournament is 10.000 ₺. The prize pool will be distributed among the top 4 teams.

  • First team: 6.000 ₺
  • Second team: 3.000 ₺
  • Third and fourth teams: 500 ₺

Selection Challenge

You can win prizes by predicting the results of the matches in the selection challenge. Making the most accurate prediction will provide to win the biggest prize. Participation in the competition will open on December 19, after the group stage ends at 12:00 on December 23. There will be 16 winners in the competition.

In the case of a tie between the participants who get the same score, it will continue by casting lots.

Prizes of Selection Challenge

  • 1x AORUS M2 RGB Gaming Mouse
  • 2x 2500VP
  • 3x 1250VP
  • 10x 600VP

To participate in the selection challenge, you can go to the Gamerbase website and click the selection challenge on the top of the menu part. Also, you should have a Discord account for the competition, select your predictions and save your selections.

Participation is completely free. To participate in the selection challenge, you must have a Discord account. You will be contacted via your email account linked to your Discord address.

For more news about the tournaments of the Valorant, You can click here.

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