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VALORANT European Team Ranking – 3 May

The ranking of VALORANT European teams published by THESPIKE.GG has changed! In the ranking updated on May 3, there are 2 Turkish teams in the top 10 and 4 Turkish teams in the top 20! There are also minor variations between North American teams.

VALORANT European Teams Ranking

Turkish representative Oxygen Esports ranked in the 7th place, forthcoming 12 rows. The champion of VCT Masters Turkey , Futbolist, on the other hand, ranked in the 8th place by maintaining its ranking. First Strike Turkey champion BBL Esports, on the other hand, went 1 place back and fell from 11th to 12th. In addition, another European team, Team Liquid, came 9 rows forward and placed in the 3rd place with 800 points. To see the full ranking, click here to reach the official THESPIKE.GG page. In addition, the top 13 list is as follows:

VALORANT North American Teams Ranking

In the North American teams ranking, Version1 team, which ranked 4th in the VCT 2nd stage, climbed 5 places and took the 7th place. The Sentinels team, which almost dominates the North American VALORANT region, still maintains its leadership with 960 points. You can reach the official THESPIKE.GG page by clicking here to see and review the full rankings. The North American top 13 teams list is as follows:

The points and rank given to the teams vary depending on the rankings of the teams in the tournaments and the degree of the tournaments they participate in. The reason why there is no VALORANT World ranking is that the teams from different regions have not made an official match yet. So, unfortunately, it is out of the question to talk about a definitive world ranking.

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