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VCT 2021: Stage 3 Will Include VALORANT Patch 3.0!

Riot Games has announced that VCT 2021: Stage 3 will be played with the VALORANT 3.0 Patch!

With a great introduction to the game, The Agent KAY/O will be inactive until the second main event. This means that the teams will have 6 days to adapt to this new VALORANT 3.0 Patch!

Agent KAY/O VCT 2021 VALORANT 3.0 Patch

Riot Games made the patch available for early access a short while ago, and about 4 days ago, virtually every upcoming change was leaked. After the leak, people started discussions on how the upcoming agent and weapon updates would change the meta or gameplay. However, it is still early for a definitive answer. On the other hand, the teams will have to adapt to these new changes and there may be surprises in there as well.

For now, we know that the changes will take place on June 22 and we can’t stop wondering if there’s going to be any problems related to the launch of the new patch.

On another note, Agent KAY/O will return to the stage on July 28 with the Second Main Event. However, Riot Games may change this at any time, depending on the situation.

An event like this happened when they launched the map Breeze, for the first time. Riot Games announced that they had chosen Breeze as a new playground during VALORANT’s first LAN Event Masters: Reykjavik. However, after receiving many criticisms, they had to pull back on this decision. They removed the map from the game map pool.

Riot Games will release VALORANT patch 3.0 on June 22, while the tournament will commence on June 28.

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