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Week 2 Of PCS3 Europe Has Ended!

In week 2 of the PCS3 Europe Grand Final, PUBG Corporation‘s third tournament in Continental Series, Turkey’s representative Digital Athletics finished as the #1 in the rankings. Turkey’s representative DA, with 141 points, completed day 4 of the tournament as the leader.

The winners of matches played on Sunday, November 15th, respectively, were; FaZe Clan, Digital Athletics, Tornado Energy, and Redline. The winner of the first match, FaZe Clan, ranked 10th in the overall standings with 83 points. The second match’s winner, DA, was the leader, while Tornado Energy, the winner of the third match of the day, ranked 2nd behind our representative, Digital Athletics, with 131 points at the end of day 4. The last match’s winner, Redline, finished 11th with 80 points.

Etiget Esports, another representative from Turkey in the tournament, ranked 12th with 74 points, up 4 places from the last place on day 3.

Rankings of PCS3 Europe at the end of day 4:

PCS3 Europe will end with the last 8 matches on 21-22 November. You can follow the final week on 21-22 November at 21.00 with the presentation of Timur “Timurleng” Günay and Buğrahan “Wreckage” Şevke from PUBG Turkey Twitch channel. Good luck to all teams!

Eylül Su Başıbüyük
Eylül Su Başıbüyük
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