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woxic Parts From Cloud9!

After the rumours about the Turkish player Özgür ‘woxic‘ Eker getting benched, we now have an official statement. Cloud9 has officially announced that they “have parted ways with woxic”.

Cloud9, after wishing him the best, did not forget to appreciate his contributions to the team. The General Manager of Cloud9, Henry ‘HenryG‘ Geer, gave more details concerning the subject.

HenryG’s Statement:

The primary focus of the Colossus has, and always will be to bring home trophies and to give the fans of Cloud9 CS:GO a team that will consistently compete at the very top Those are still the goals I set for myself and everyone involved within the project. With the player break available to us and having no immediate tournaments, this seemed to be the most logical timeframe to incorporate change(s) to the roster if we wanted to prosper in 2021. To deny there were problems and continue as we were to save face would have been a foolish decision.
There’s no denying Woxic’s skill and explosive world-class potential in CS:GO. However, it’s also no secret that recent months have been especially rough for him. As a team, we were unable to overcome various challenges that affected his performance that included an unreliable high ping and not to mention a compromising time zone. It was clear that this was a very demotivating period for him. We approached with many resolutions to these problems but unfortunately the logistics of overcoming them were almost insurmountable.
We’ve come to the mutual decision to terminate Woxic’s contract at Cloud9 (effective 14th of January, 2021). Allowing him to focus on whatever he wants to pursue next without the pressures of the bench or any obligations with his previous employer. I would like to thank Özgür for his time with the organisation and wish him the very best of luck on his next move.
This decision may come as a shock to many of the fans but allowing this to continue wouldn’t have been in the best interest of the squad in the long run. This was a team decision, not one we take lightly and we believe it to be the correct one.
More information on the status of the roster among other details will be coming later this week.

Henry “HenryG” Geer

As a result, Cloud9 has parted its ways with the Turkish player woxic, by blaming the ping problems and the different timezone. Woxic has also addressed the situation by replying HenryG’s tweet.

Woxic’s post:

Thanks for everything bro, even though it was a short run, I’m glad of what you have done for me and for the team. It was also a real pleasure working with the people at @Cloud9. Good luck!

Özgür “woxic” Eker

After stating his appreciation to HenryG for everything he has done, woxic said that he has enjoyed his relatively short-lasting Cloud9 journey. We will know more about his career in the following days.

However, I think that this is not the ‘happy ending’ everyone deserved. Woxic’s journey in Cloud9, to which he had gone to with great expectations and a contract worth of 1,4 million $, has only lasted for 4 months. Fans were expecting great success after the re-building of the Cloud9 CS:GO team with woxic.

We wish Özgür ‘woxic‘ Eker success in the rest of his career, and can’t wait for him to return to the esports stage with his new team!

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