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wtcN Answered Questions About The Elimination of BBL Esports

Ferit “wtcN” Karakaya has answered questions about the elimination of BBL Esports from the tournament. During a livestream, wtcN said that it was not not an actually a Q&A. But, he couldn’t help but answer some questions.

Some of the questions from the audience were not only significant but also critical. wtcN answered these questions and enlightened some of the supporters of BBL Esports. What were the questions asked on the live stream? Here are all of the questions and answers.


Here are the Critical Questions and Answers!

As you know, BBL Esports plays from the gaming houses. However, during this match, the team faced some unfortunate mishaps. One of the most critical questions from the audience was whether BBL Esports could participate in the World Tournament or not. wtcN said it was not clear yet, but their scores might be enough to participate.

Furthermore, there is an upcoming tournament called “Last Chance”. This tournament will be held in October. wtcN said that they can participate to this tournament. Although, details of the Last Chance tournament have not yet been released. However, in addition to European teams, this tournament will also include Arab Teams.

Distraction of the Players

Another critical question was the distraction of the players. This was caused by live audiences watching the team play during their session. When players are distracted they can lose the round. Moreover, they can lose the match too. On the other hand, wtcN found this question very funny. and he said that “we watched the match very quietly. This can’t distract the players during the match. They have to prepare themselves for this stress level. Moreover, in the future, they will play on stage in front of their supporters. This situation can not be an excuse for them.”

Later in the broadcast, he spoke about the troubles of BBL Esports. Semih “LEGOO” Selvi played in the last match. But he should have be at the bench during the match. He also said that this match was very unfortunate because some of the players in the team were not able to get their gaming house. He said that this situation is temporary. In the future, the team will be ready for the tournaments. He said that “Barış “fred” Özdemir was in Spain, Ekrem “l0gicman” Aydin was not fully ready and Ali Osman “AsLanM4shadoW” Balta has came to Bottcamp from recent days. Because of that situation, the team was not fully ready for to tournament.”

Did the Team Give Up?

One audience said that the G2 had more losing streaks, but the team never gave up. wtcN said that “BBL Esports never gave up. The team has lost just because of the unfortunate things.” He said they cared deeply about the comfort and desire of the players. Furthermore, he stressed that he is trying to do all of the things that the players want.

Here is what I think. BBL Esports is a very powerful team. They lost the tournament just because of some unfortunate things. The team has very talented players. When they get to each other they will play better than now. The team just needs some time to tidy themselves.

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