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XANTARES & xfl0ud Commented On woxic’s New Team

XANTARES and xfl0ud shared their opinions on woxic’s team announcement on Twitter.

Özgür “woxic” Eker announced on Twitter that he was looking for an organization for his new team. After woxic’s tweet, several rumors were made on the CS:GO forums. Some argued that woxic had formed its new team with ISSAA, while others argued that Turkish players made up its squad. Xantares and xfl0ud, who were allegedly on the team, announced something while they were streaming via Twitch.

Xantares said he respected Woxic’s decision about forming a new team when he was on imoRR’s stream on Twitch. Furthermore, he talked about Gamerbase’s false report. Here is the XANTARES’s statement:

I have nothing to do with woxic’s new team. If he made that decision, that’s a good thing, I respect that. I have a contract with the BIG team. That’s why false news puts me under suspicion.


xfl0ud, who is a part of the GORILLAZ team, said that he had just joined his current team and was trying to get a visa for a 15-day boot camp. Here is the xfl0ud’s statement:

I’m excited about woxic’s team announcement. I think a mixed team could have picked it up from the FPL. I think it’s going to be a good, solid team. In addition, woxic, along with 4 other players, formed a brand new team. So I don’t think he’s going to join a ready-made Organization.


These comments from Xantares and xfl0ud, eliminated a lot of question marks. We now know that at least in the new team, there are no top-tier Turkish players. But no official statement has yet been made by woxic or HLTV.

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