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xfl0ud Self Benched!

Yasin ‘xfl0ud‘ Koç in the CS:GO arena self benched willingly! The pro CS:GO player announced his “self benched” decision on Twitter.

Days before Özgür ‘woxic‘ Eker’s team announcement, all the developments are coming one after another. According to Esporkolik’s rumour, xfl0ud, who is in woxic’s team, made a statement on the subject much earlier.

Stating that he will not be in the Turkish Super Team and will actively enter the bootcamp with the GORILLAZ team, the professional player also stated that he does not accept the rumors. GORILLAZ’s invitation from the Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 Regional Qualifiers supported xfl0ud’s statements. The reason for this is that the tournament will start next week and GORILLAZ has to prepare their squad in this process.

However, the Twitter announcement that xfl0ud shared today has turned all the attention back to woxic’s team. Sharing a tweet at around 14.30, Yasin Koç stated that he will share the details and future plans in a short time.

This development has strengthened the claims that have been made since June 20. Allegedly, the 5th unknown player in Özgür ‘woxic‘ Eker’s Turkish Super Team will be xfl0ud. In addition, according to some forums, Yasin ‘xfl0ud‘ Koç had voluntarily withdrawn for his European career.

Still, without Yasin ‘xfl0ud‘ Koç revealing the official details, no rumors are certain to be true. We will be passing on these details to you as time progresses. As Esportimes, we wish them success in their career.

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Ertuğrul Ergül
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