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XFlow Esports Withdraws Its VALORANT Squad!

XFlow Esports has decided to withdraw its entire VALORANT roster. XFlow Esports also announced that it will evaluate further offers for its future lineup.

All of our VALORANT team, whose contracts are still ongoing, has been taken into reserve. We announce to the public that we are evaluating the offers to our players. Contact: [email protected]

XFlow Esports

Recently, the XFlow Esports’ team competed in VCT 2021: Turkey 3rd Stage 2nd Qualifiers. The team, which beat the Novella team 2-0 in the last 64 rounds of the Open Qualifiers, lost to the FOXNGAME Esports with a score of 2-0. This ended their tournament run.

After the unsuccessful result, XFlow Esports decided to evaluate further offers for its VALORANT team.

The current benched VALORANT roster of XFlow Esports is as follows:

  • Berk Deniz “ ARGENT “ Özdamar
  • Çağrı “ loops “ Çoltu
  • Cem “ Yato “ Saat
  • Ozan “ Raider “ Yardımcı
  • Anıl “ XOD1AC “ Eren

We wish these players success in their further careers.


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