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5NOOBS And HaZe Clan Are At The First Strike Finals!

The final matches of the Winners Group and Losers Group, played today in the First Strike 4th Open Elimination, have been completed. The last two teams to participate in the finals have been determined, and they are 5NOOBS and HaZe Clan.

Losers Group Final

Today, the first round of the Losers Group match, Digital Athletics vs. Galakticos match was played. Galakticos managed to beat their opponent by 2-1 and wrote their name in the Losers Group final. To determine Galakticos’ opponent, eyes were turned to the final of the winners group this time.

Winners Group Final

Later, the Winners Group final began. 5NOOBS and HaZe Clan faced each other in the series that started at 13:00. Winning the first two games with a score of 13-8, 5NOOBS did not allow the series to extend. With this result, 5NOOBS qualified for the First Strike Finals and sent the HaZe Clan team to the Losers Group final.

5NOOBS made its name for the Grand Final with a 2-0 win at Valorant FirstStrike the 4th Open Finals! @TeamGalakticos became the opponent of HaZe Clan in the Losers Group Final with a 2-1 win in the Semi-Final.

HaZe Clan, who lost in the final, had not lost his chance yet. They faced Galakticos in the Losers Group final. At a time when nothing was certain yet, we were looking for the finalist of the Losers Group Final with excitement. The team that won the series would be the last team to go to the First Strike Finals.

HaZe Clan was superior to his rival Galakticos in the first two games. HaZe Clan managed to win the first map, Bind, by 13-7 and the second map, Haven by 13-8. As a result, they became the last team to qualify for the First Strike Finals.

@Jesusaydin, who confuses his rivals, opens the way to the Grand Final for the HaZe Clan with mind games and reflexes.
HaZe Clan is at the Grand Final! #FirstStrike

5NOOBS and HaZe Clan, teams that are made up of players who came together without any organization, managed to take part in First Strike, the first official and global Valorant tournament organized by Riot. Therefore, we think they deserve to be congratulated. We will be eagerly waiting for the team that will have its name written in Valorant’s first official tournament. For more information about the Valorant First Strike tournament, click here.

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