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First Strike Open Qualifier#4 Final: 5NOOBS vs. HaZe Clan

The last qualifier for the First Strike Finals, the First Strike Open Qualifier#4 will end tomorrow. Today’s matches determined the final of the Winner’s Group.

In VALORANT First Strike Open Qualifier#4, 5NOOBS finished the day’s first match with a win against Team Galakticos with a score of 2-1; and HaZe Clan finished the day’s second match with a win against Digital Athletics with a score of 2-1.
5NOOBS and HaZe Clan are in the Winner’s Group Final!

72 teams participated in the exciting First Strike Open Qualifier#4. However, only 6 teams have the chance to advance to the main event out of these 72 teams.

HaZe Clan, who we see quite often since qualifier#1, fought against Alfa Esports in the quarterfinal. They managed to win against their opponent by 2-0 and matched with Digital Athletics for the semifinals. In the semifinals today, they won against their opponent Digital Athletics by 2-0 and got qualified for the finals for the first time.

On the other hand, 5NOOBS was one of the notable teams in the last qualifier. They also got qualified for the finals for the first time, just like HaZe Clan. They fought against TRAMPET in the quarterfinals and won against their opponents by 2-1. After, they defeated Galakticos in the semifinals and, as a result, became the opponent of HaZe Clan.

  • 22 November| 13.00 | 5NOOBS vs. HaZe Clan | Bo3

Tomorrow’s First Strike Open Qualifier#4 Winner’s Group final will determine the team that will get qualified for the First Strike Finals. And also, the losing team will drop to the lower bracket finals. Also, tomorrow is the last day of the qualifier. In other words, tomorrow’s match will determine the last two teams to attend the main event.

You can follow the live matches from RiotGamesTurkish Twitch channel with Turkish narration.

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