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9INE CS:GO Roster Has Disbanded!

9INE CS:GO team that ranked 88th in the world, has disbanded today. It was announced that the 9INE CS: GO team was disbanded in the post on 9INE Esports‘ official Twitter account.

Statement by 9INE on the aforementioned Twitter account:

At the same time, the posts of 9INE CS:GO players on Twitter:

I have left the 9INE team. Thank you to everyone who has supported until this time.
Hi guys, I left CS and passed to VALORANT. I am making this change not willingly but compulsively. Thank you to everyone who has supported me until now. See you in VALO.
First of all, greetings to everyone, I have waited for the official announcement to make a statement after the recent events. It is a happy situation for me to share with you that I am free at the end of the long wait.

Yasin “xfl0ud” Koç shared:

Hello everyone

I have left the 9INE team with the consensus decision we made as a team. As a result, my teammates decided to continue their career from Valorant.

I will continue to pursue my own career, my 5-year CS: GO career that I add something to every day. In the next period, my priority will be to reset myself mentally and increase my hunger for the game, and I will continue my development in the same period. My goal is not to be under a structure in the shortest term, but to be in an International team in the long term. The next 4-5 months will be tough but I will do more, not my best better than it, to achieve something. This is not a promise I made to myself; It is a promise I give to the people that support me, believe in me and do not give up hope, my friends, my family and the person next to me.

I apologize for disappointing you and frustrating your hopes, but remember that EVERY ENDING IS A NEW BEGINNING.

Yasin Koç

9INE CS: GO Team Achievements

Turkish 9INE CS: GO team, which succeeded in the tournaments and played in the C-Tier stage, has been disbanded as of today.

As Esport Times, we wish the team members success in their new careers, and thank them for the great games they have let us watch so far!

Ecem Subaşılar
Ecem Subaşılar
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