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Apex Legends Anniversary CE Is Extended!

Respawn Entertainment made an announcement for one of the most popular games around the world, Apex Legends. The developers announced that they extended the Anniversary Collection Event for a week, so the Apex Legends players will have one additional week to acquire the event skins.

Apex Legends made a great start with the release of Season 8. Besides the game-changing patch notes (so game-changing that even Wraith’s pick rate is decreased moderately), the newest legend of the game, Fuse, has also excited the players. After the release, they launched a new collection event to celebrate the game’s second year anniversary. This event is the best event due to several reasons.

Why The Apex Legends Players Loved The Anniversary CE?

First, we saw the old battle pass skins with new colors. However, they were sold individually, but the players already bought the ones they wished the most because they were cheaper than the old event skins. After that, the heirloom reward was different this time. Normally, when players acquire all 24 skins of the event they are rewarded with a specific heirloom. But this time, instead of getting a specific heirloom, the players are getting 150 heirloom shards. So, the players can craft the heirloom they want. Besides all of that, the new LTM, Locked and Loaded, is the best one we’ve ever seen. In this game mode, all ground loots are high-tier loots. The mode was so good that the players want it to be permanent. And of course, the devs are working on what they can do about it.

When the event came out, its end date was February 23rd. But Respawn heard the players that couldn’t collect the skins they wanted, so they added a week to extend the event. They announced it from the official Twitter account of Apex Legends.

The event is extended, but the rewards of the event’s challenges’ end date is still the same, May 4th. That means, you can earn them until the eighth season ends.

apex legends anniversary

Event’s Challenges and Rewards

  • Nessie Badge: Complete 75 daily challenges.
  • Mozambique Badge: Deal 102,816 damage points.
  • Smolfinder Badge: Win a game with 8 different legends.
  • Mozambique Here Charm: Deal 3,333 damage with Mozambique.

However, the only reason for expanding the event couldn’t be the players’ requests. We are used to seeing at least two events in a season of Apex Legends, and the Anniversary is the first event of Season 8. Maybe, the new event is delayed for a reason, and instead of announcing it, the devs might be extending the Anniversary event.

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