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Apex Legends Has Reached 100 Million Players!

Respawn Entertainment released its new game Apex Legends in February 2019. The battle royale game is set in the same universe as the studio’s signature game Titanfall and tells what happens after Titanfall. When it launched, the players did not expect such a move from Respawn. Of course, battle royale games were very trendy at the time. We’ve seen lots of new games come out of this genre, where PUBG and Fortnite dominate the market. A lot of those games can’t reach the demands. The players are expecting the same thing for Apex Legends too. However, Respawn Entertainment announced that the number of Apex Legends players has reached 100 million.

The Launch of Apex Legends

The game, which attracted the attention of streamers and players shortly, also made a splash with its release. By the end of the first 24 hours of the game, the number of players had reached 1 million. And at the end of the first week, the developers announced that they reached 25 million players. These numbers are enormous after a very quiet launch.

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There was very little information about the promotion of the game during its release. But the studio naturally signed sponsorship deals with several streamers after the launch of Apex Legends. The streamers we’ve all heard of have been playing Apex Legends for weeks, even months. And some of them still play it. Amazingly, it’s been two years since those days we remember as if they were yesterday.

The Current State of The Game

Nowadays, Apex Legends is in full swing to deliver new content. As we prepare for the new season, we’ve seen eight seasons. Also, as with many games in EA’s publishing, the game we play through Origin has been included in Steam, as have many EA games, in recent months. The game, which also debuted for the Nintendo Switch, managed to reach more players with launches on new platforms.

The game, which last reached 228,948 instant players on Steam on March 13, is constantly staying at the top of the list of the most played Steam games. With Season 9, those numbers increase even more.

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