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Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence Patch Notes

Respawn Entertainment shared the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence. With Season 10, starting on August 3rd, we will see a new character and lots of changes. Season 9, which was pretty impressive, really managed to give us all a Titanfall vibe, as the devs promised. Let’s see if this excitement continues in the new season. No matter what will happen, I do not doubt that the game will take itself to the next level. And if Respawn fixes the server/connection issues, there’s no obstacle to Apex Legends not being the best battle royale game in the world.

New Legend – Seer

Apex Legends releases a new character every season and continues this tradition with Season 10. The developers had previously announced that the upcoming four legends are ready to launch, and Seer is one of them.

Seer, which is in the Recon category, drew attention even after his announcement. His soft and, at the same time, sharp movements give the character an artist’s aura. I also think that he kind of looks and acts like Jhin from League of Legends. But let’s face it, both Jhin and Seer look very cool.

Let’s talk about character a little more before his abilities. The African character, Seer, is voiced by Ike Amadi, who is also African. We’ve heard his voice a lot in movies, TV series, and mostly in the gaming world. You can also hear him in Halo 5, Rainbow Six: Siege, even GTA V. It’s impossible to list the highlights of his biography. You can check out Amadi’s other projects on his IMDb page here.

Passive – Heart Seeker

Seer can see and hear the heartbeats of nearby enemies when aiming down. Also, Seer is able to ADS while he doesn’t use a gun.

Tactical – Focus of Attention

Seer summons microdrones that will make a focused and delayed blast. This blast goes through walls, reveals enemies and their health bars, and interrupts their actions.

Ultimate – Exhibit

Seer summons a sphere of microdrones that reveals the footsteps of enemies that moves quickly or fires their weapons.

Map Updates

We used to see a change in any map with the start of the new season. It could be a new map or the updated one of the current maps. Olympus is still considered new, so World’s Edge is changing, and players are excited to play in the new areas.

apex legends season 10

Harvester, located in the center of World’s Edge, has been mining the area for months. Now, it couldn’t stand it, and first, its power began to fluctuate, then it pushed its limits. The unusable area fractured and erupted like a volcano as if to rise from the ashes again. Looking to contain the situation, Hammond built a weather-controlling device called the Climatizer. And the Lava Siphon is trying to control the calderas caused by eruptions. The gondolas between these two new regions also offer players a whole new way of transportation.

New Weapon – Rampage LMG

Rampart specializes in producing military equipment and has created a brand-new weapon for the games. Using Heavy Ammo, Rampage LMG is ready to bring the destruction! The slow rate of fire makes the weapon very useful for medium-range combat.

apex legends season10

We’ve seen a gun that uses an item other than ammunition from inventory before. Of course, we’re talking about the Sentinel. The weapon, loaded with Shield Cell, was increasing its power considerably. Rampage LMG will be just like this, but unlike Sentinel, you can charge it with a Thermite grenade. Loaded with Thermite, Rampage will increase the rate of fire even more, and it will let the players go rampage.

Ranked Arenas

The Arenas game mode was launched at the start of the ninth season of Apex Legends, and it will have a ranked system in Season 10. Respawn had already announced this game mode at the EA’s presentation. Just like the normal ranked matches, players will have MMR points for Arenas. After 10 ranked Arenas matches, the game defines the placement of the players.

apex legends season 10

In normal ranked games, players have to pay an entry cost according to their ranks. But in ranked Arenas, there won’t be such a thing. In this system, where only winning the game gives you rank points, the kill points and assists you get will not matter. If you want to move up in the ranked system, you have to win the game.

Quality of Life Updates

Every game is obliged to make the quality of the game better with each major update. Apex Legends brings such changes with the start of Season 10, as it does with any major patch. This time the list is not very full compared to the old updates. However, some of the changes will really increase the level of the gameplay.

  • A new badge is coming. With this badge called Win Streak, you’ll be able to show other players how many games you’ve won in a row in battle royale mode.
The Win Streak badge
  • A new ping is coming to the in-game communication system: Hold On. It allows you to approach conflicts or rotations more strategically. Or you can use this ping while drinking water without telling your teammates.
apex legends season 10
  • When a player with a level 4 backpack revives knocked  teammates, the sound effect will be slightly different. In this way, although we do not see the reviving moment, we will understand that the resurrected player will have more HP by the sound effects.
  • In the Heirloom Store, players can have a better view of what are the other cosmetics the heirloom brings.
  • We can see the types of unopened Apex Packs by highlighting the packs’ button.
apex legends season 10

Legend Updates

Unquestionably, the Apex Legends players are looking forward to seeing which legends will change with the Season 10 update. We adjust our strategies according to our characters and make our plans consequently. We even think about what our enemies can do based on the legends they choose. That’s why legends updates are so important.


  • Enemies caught inside the ring of fire from Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate are now revealed to Fuse’s team.
  • Knuckle Cluster Tactical explosion duration increased by 100%.
  • Grenadier Passive can be toggled on and off to throw ordnance normally

Fuse continues to struggle. We identified two opportunities to help him that weren’t just “give him more damage.” We believe Apex is a gun game first and foremost and therefore want to make sure we don’t put too much damage into character abilities.

The first opportunity we identified was his tactical. While meant as a persistent area denial tool, it currently does not last long enough to seriously inconvenience an enemy. We doubled the duration so you can now place one at a door and be reasonably sure no one’s coming through that door for a little while. While we doubled the duration, the damage per second remains the same. Please don’t stand in the fire.

Secondly, his ultimate often didn’t give his team an advantage; sure, you may catch enemies within it, but the flames made it impossible for you to step inside, and you couldn’t see the enemies you trapped either because the flames were in the way. We explored a few ways to deal with this but ended up going for the most straight-forward answer: you get enemy outlines as long as they stay inside the ring of fire.

Respawn Entertainment


  • Reduced the slow after the initial Black Hole pull.
  • Bumped Horizon gravity lift-up speed to a happy medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch values. 

There’s no doubt the nerfs Horizon received with Legacy were necessary, but given the benefit of time and hindsight we decided we probably hit the speed of her tactical too hard. Instead of completely reverting that part of the nerf, we found a happy medium between how fast her gravity lift operated at release and how slow it was after the nerf. This one’s hard to communicate with numbers, so just give her a try and tell us what you think.

Respawn Entertainment


  • There’s now a visual and audio cue when Death Totem protection is about to end which can be seen/heard by other players.
  • Added a brief slow after being recalled to Death Totem.


  • Gas damage starts at 5, increases by 1 every other tick indefinitely.
  • Cooldown on Tactical has been reduced 25s -> 20s.
  • Ultimate cooldown has been reduced 3.5m -> 3m. Duration reduced from 20s -> 15s.

We’re now convinced the nerf that dropped his gas damage to a flat 5 damage went too far. When you can sit in gas and take a syringe or two and be fine, gas is not a scary enough deterrent. So we switched back to a scaling model. This time we decided to let the damage scale a little more slowly. Instead of going up by one every tick, we’re increasing it by one every other tick. Damage is uncapped at the top here, but really that’s very theoretical.

At the same time, we wanted to be mindful specifically of Caustic’s impact in late game circles at the highest level. Even with Ring 6 now slowly closing over 100 seconds, we were worried about the effect that a single Caustic ult could have in the late game. We reduced its duration by 5 seconds. The ult represents Caustic’s highest moment of power; his enemies have no way of countering it. 15 seconds is still a meaningful amount of time (and with the damage changes, 15s is long enough to kill someone) but it should hopefully make fighting a Caustic in the end game slightly less frustrating.

Respawn Entertainment

Weapon Updates

With the Season 10 update of Apex Legends, the players will have some throwbacks to the older days of the game, because an item that was very popular in Season 2 is somehow making its debut again. Besides that, L-Star is going to get better than it used to be with the updates.

Supply Drop Rotation

Prowler has been a Supply Drop weapon for a long time and is becoming one of the game’s regular weapons again. But without Selectfire hop-up, we will only be able to use the weapon in burst mode. Spitfire and Alternator will replace Prowler, and they will be removed from the ground loot. The Spitfire certainly deserved to be at this level, but the presence of the Alternator may surprise you a little. That’s where the throwback part comes in. The Alternator will have Disruptor Rounds hop up, the most popular hop-up of Season 2. You can find detailed descriptions of them below.


  • With Boosted Loader, when you reload a mag that is near empty (but not at 0), the reload speed will be faster, and it will include extra rounds. The only weapons that can use it are Hemlok and Wingman.
  • To make room, the Anvil Receiver and Quickdraw Holster are vaulted for now.

Fully Kited Weapons

It is possible to find some gold weapons in the game. The gold weapon means that the weapon has the best of all the equipment it can use. As with any season, these weapons will change with the Season 10 update.

  • New gold weapons: Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle
  • Removed gold weapons: Wingman, Bocek, R99, Hemlock, and Sentinel

Extended Mags

  • Extended Mags allow players to add extra bullets to the weapon they are using, depending on the level of the mag. In addition, the reload speed also increases. With this update, the reload speed increase feature switches to Standard Stocks instead of Extended Mags.

Magazines are the most potent source of lootable power for most weapons and that largely comes in the form of ammo capacity. In addition to capacity, they were also offering increased reload speed. We’ve moved the reload speed buff to stocks to help increase the value of stocks and spread out our meaningful modifiers across our attachments.

Respawn Entertainment

Stock Attachments

  • All Stocks will speed up the reload animation (instead of mags).
  • You can attach Tactical Stocks to Marksman weapons (30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout, and Triple-Take) instead of Sniper Stocks.
  • Sniper Stocks on Marksman weapons will offer increased stability and sway reduction with slightly reduced handling bonuses. (from tactical stocks)

Sniper stocks are an often lonely attachment left sitting on the floor waiting for a crackshot legend to come along and give them some love. Instead of reducing the spawn rates to try and clean up the loot pool we’re putting them on Marksman Rifles to make them more desirable.

Respawn Entertainment


  • We’ll be able to install Extended Energy Mag on the L-Star now. But it’s going to do something different than the regular mags. The L-Star, which has its unique ammo system, will fire more shots before it overheats and allow it to cool off its heat build-up slightly faster with the mags.
  • We’ll be able to install Barrel Stabilizer on the L-Star to reduce the recoil.
  • Projectile VFX scale reduced by roughly half.
  • First-Person on-hit impact effect intensity reduced.
  • Hipfire spread increased.

The L-STAR has undergone a few changes in Emergence. We’ve attempted to improve the looting experience and extend the L-STAR’s power into the later phases of the game. In addition to these attachment additions the L-STAR is also seeing some VFX changes for combat readability.

Respawn Entertainment

Light Machine Guns

  • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.0 to 1.75.
  • Limbshot multiplier increased from 0.75 to 0.85.

LMG spray-and-pray was feeling a little too oppressive when random headshots chunked with a 2.0 damage modifier. We’re shaving off some of that headshot firepower but adding a little back in by bringing up their limb damage. Unloading massive LMG mags to suppress your enemies should still be a valid tactic, we’re just reigning in the peaks and valleys to make it feel a bit more consistent.

Respawn Entertainment


  • Handling animations (raise, holster, zoom in/out) is increased by %10.

With the removal of the Quickdraw Holster and reload speed moving from mags to stocks Pistols took a bit of a hit. We’re increasing their base handling but will keep an eye on their performance as we get into Emergence.

Respawn Entertainment

Prowler Burst PDW

  • Time Between Burst increased from 0.2 to 0.24 

M600 Spitfire

  • Damage increased from 18 to 19.
  • Hip Fire Spread back to Season 8 pre-nerf values.
  • Purple Mag Size increased from 50 to 55.

The Spitfire takes its rightful place as a Supply Drop weapon this season. We’ve hit it a few times in recent patches and we still want it to be a desirable Supply Drop weapon so we’re walking back those nerfs while making it much harder to access.

Respawn Entertainment


  • Alternator is now a Supply Drop weapon, and it will come with Disruptor Rounds hop up. This hop up will deal %40 more damage to the enemies who have shields. If their shields are broken, there will be no bonus damage.

The Alternator joins the Spitfire in the Supply Drop with its old friend the Disruptor Rounds. The shield damage has come down since we last saw Disruptors in Season 2, but it’s still a shield shredding monster. Pack an extra bat.

Respawn Entertainment

30-30 Repeater

  • The stocks will offer faster reload speed than other weapons’ stocks.


  • The fire rate of each Shotgun Bolt offers is decreased. The base fire rate is unchanged.

The EVA-8’s speed makes it a forgiving and formidable shotgun to run. It’s pulled ahead of the pack and has been seen as the clear choice for many leaving the Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and Mozambique in the dust. This change should help even the playing field between the shotguns.

Respawn Entertainment

Arenas Changes

With Season 10, Apex Legends developers are making Arena mode competitive and bringing changes to it. Although Arenas is not the priority of the game, the devs will now be a little more mindful while they consider some changes.

Arenas Weapon Changes

From Season 10, Alternator and Spitfire will become Supply Drop weapons. So, that means we can’t buy them in Arenas. To replace them, Prowler and Rampage have been added to the shop.


  • Base: 450
  • First upgrade: +200
  • Second upgrade: +300
  • Third upgrade: +400


  • Base: 500
  • First upgrade: +200
  • Second upgrade: +300
  • Third upgrade: +350

Fiyat Değişimleri


  • First upgrade: 100 -> 150
  • Second upgrade: 200 -> 250
  • Third upgrade: 300 -> 350

30-30 Repeater

  • First upgrade: 200 -> 150


  • Base: 300 -> 350


  • Base: 500 -> 350

Charge Rifle

  • Base: 700 -> 600
  • First upgrade: 250 -> 200
  • Second upgrade: 300 -> 200
  • Third upgrade: 400 -> 450

Bocek Bow

  • Base: 600 -> 500


  • Base: 400 -> 350


  • Knuckle Cluster: 75 -> 100

Arenas Ability Adjustments

  • Horizon’s Gravity Lift starting charges reduced from 2 to 1
  • Mirage’s Psyche Out starting charges reduced from 3 to 2
  • Bloodhound’s free scans while in Beast of the Hunt reduced from 3 to 2



  • Fixed an issue where Bloodhound’s tactical failed to highlight the enemy for the Bloodhound player while they used an emote.
  • Trident and Dropship audio should no longer be significantly dampened when Bloodhound is using their Ultimate.


  • Corrected an audio issue with Gibraltars Dome Shield failing to make sound.


  • Fixed cases where Lifeline’s VO still says “I’ve got you. Shields up” even when she no longer has a shield.


  • Pathfinder’s Grapple no longer stays connected when he’s killed while under Revenant’s Death Protection.
  • Updated Pathfinder “Copper Core” legs so they now match in first-person view.
  • Fixed an issue where Pathfinder’s Grapple cooldown audio cue replayed rapidly after deploying tactical in gameplay.


  • Wraith can no longer use her ultimate while attached to Valkyrie’s ultimate.
  • Fixed a rare bug which allowed downed players to jump/bunny-hop after entering a Wraith Portal that was placed by a crouching Wraith.


  • Fixed an issue causing Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher to disappear when moving away from other players with certain Legendary skins equipped.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Caustic Barrels to be pushed into players, crushing them.
  • Fuse’s Ultimate “Motherlode” is no longer destroyed if it interacts with Caustic gas.
  • Wattson’s ult will no longer shoot down friendly Caustic barrels and ults.


  • Addressed an issue where Mirage’s invisible revive wouldn’t fully cloak teammates when certain skins were being worn.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to wedge an Octane jump pad between a supply bin to make the Trident faster.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Octane’s goggles moved independently after using his tactical.


  • Removed the beam of light that shoots into the sky every time Wattson places down her fence.


  • Arenas: Fixed a bug where Crypto’s Drone could be deployed and recalled infinite times when the user had only one charge available.
  • Switch Only: Fixed a visual bug where Crypto’s position indicator while in his drone flickered near the top and left edge of the screen.
  • Switch Only: The UI for Crypto’s tactical charges should no longer overlap with the recharging UI when his drone is destroyed in Arenas.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Drone from being able to detect enemies using Trident.


  • Fixed a visual bug when the Heirloom appears to be floating in third-person when looking up and down inside the Gravity Lift.
  • Placing a Death Totem too close to the edge of the map should no longer teleport players off the map when returning to the totem.
  • Emote fix: Added the missing Silence Orb to Revenant’s “Suffering Silence” emote.
  • Fixed some exploitable hiding spots reachable in Rift using Revenant.
  • Fixed some cases when Revenant didn’t have horizontal movement animations when holding the heirloom.


  • Lots of fixes across all maps to address issues with exploits, hiding spots, and inconsistencies with using Loba’s tactical.
  • UI Fix: The ammo Count in Loba’s Black Market should now display correctly.


  • An issue that allowed Rampart’s turret to be placed on Geyser is fixed.
  • A bug that caused players to run faster after stowing a fully charged, chargeable weapon—this bug also caused the charged indicator in the UI to go away is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Rampart’s wall would get stuck in an animation loop when hit by Caustic gas.


  • Fixed a visual bug that caused part of Fuse’s body to pop up on the screen when toggling throw power after swapping grenades.


  • Fixed a visual bug that caused part of Fuse’s body to pop up on the screen when toggling throw power after swapping grenades.


  • The audio triggered by players’ landing impacts should be louder when they’re coming in from a jump pad.
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