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Apex Legends War Games Event Leaks

Apex Legends is ready to make Season 8 full of events, it seems, because we started to get leaks from the new event, War Games. The newest event of the game, Chaos Theory, is still live and will continue to stay for one more week. But, the community’s trustable dataminers have started to leak about the next event.

The War Games event won’t be a collection event, which means we won’t see any map changes or a new heirloom. But, of course, we will see lots of new skins for characters and weapons, charms, and badges.

It’s true that Respawn didn’t make an announcement about the event, but, dataminers like Shrugtal and SomeoneWhoLeaks are publishing what they have found about the event. And we compiled the information that they shared, all credits go to them.

Apex Legends War Games Estimated Release Date

Shrugtal published his predicted dates for the upcoming events of Apex Legends. Of course, every one of them might not be true, we know that Respawn sometimes extends the events, like the Anniversary event.

According to Shrugtal, we will be able to participate in War Games event on April 13th.

War Games Skins and Prize Tracker

Like we said, War Games is not a collection event. But we will see very interesting and good skins for legends. Some of the event skins and prize tracker of the event are published by Shrugtal.

Expected Skins

apex legends war games
Pearly White Fuse – Epic
apex legends war games
Swish-Buckler Mirage – Legendary
apex legends war games
The Burgundy Knight Pathfinder – Legendary
apex legends war games
Royal Huntmaster Bloodhound – Legendary
apex legends war games
Blood and Thunder Gibraltar – Legendary
apex legends war games
Ghost Stalker Lifeline – Legendary
Guerilla Ghoul Revenant – Epic
Queen’s Guard Wraith – Legendary

Prize Tracker

War Games’ prize tracker is a little different from other trackers, because it has a different reward in it. When players reach certain points by completing event challenges, they will earn Battle Pass Levels. All prizes of the tracker are listed below:

  • 4 BP Levels
  • 2 charms: Never Surrender and Thermite Grenade
  • Epic Rampart Skin: Cytokinetic
  • Epic 30-30 Repeater Skin: Incan Prophecy
  • Rare Crypto Skin: Broken Syntax
  • Caustic legend trackers

War Games LTM

With the War Games event, Apex Legends players will be able to play brand-new LTMs. We said LTMs, because more than one game mode might come with the event. Also, the statement on the reward tracker might be addressing that there will be more than one mode. Another dataminer of Apex Legends, SomeoneWhoLeaks, leaked the details of the game modes on his Twitter page. It’s possible that the game modes will change every 48 hours.

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