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AsLanM4shadoW Is Back At BBL Esports!

BBL Esports, who was shaken by AsLanM4shadoW’s request to leave the team before the VCT 2021: Stage 3 Week 2 fights, received good news from the player. AsLanM4shadoW joined the bootcamp and started practicing!

3 days ago, the coach of the team, Eray “GAIS” Sarıkaya, announced that Ali Osman “AsLanM4shadoW” Balta had health problems. Because of that he did not attend the training and bootcamp. It was certain that there would be a change in the order of the team and that LEGOO would play because the rosters were locked.

Eray “GAIS” Sarıkaya announced yesterday that fred would join the team early. He was in Spain, at the time, for the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final. He will be 6th player of the team.

Fred will probably join us tomorrow, it was an advantage for us to finish his tournament early We will continue with a 6 person roaster.


After it became clear that fred joined the team, another good news came from AsLanM4shadoW. Okan İlker Demirel, one of the founders of the team, announced that AsLanM4shadoW joined the bootcamp and returned to the team.

After the tweet, the official social media account of BBL Esports also shared a post confirming the comeback. 

Since AsLanM4shadoW joined back, it is eagerly awaited how the BBL Esports team will prepare for the tournament. But we have to say that the fans are sure AsLanM4shadoW will be in the first line of the roster.

Above all, we underline the importance of human health and hope that AsLanM4shadoW deals with his health problems. Let’s hope nothing like this ever happens again.

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