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Gla1ve Will Stick With Astralis For 3 More Years!

Astralis, one of the biggest CS:GO teams in the world, renewed their contract with their in-game leader until 2024. Danish player Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander expressed that he is happy to remain committed to his team for 3 more years.

This deal was very important for Astralis, which went into decline after the transfer of “device”. The fact that they would lose their coach who won 4 majors, would have dragged the team to the bottom.

Making a statement about the contract, gla1ve stated that his heart belongs to Astralis and he feels at home there. The full statement of the player is as follows:

I am Astralis by heart and no matter how I look at it I feel home here. It’s an organization that always strives to develop the game and the players – and it’s ingrained in everyone that we compete to win the biggest titles.

To me it’s all about being somewhere where I can see myself progress as a player while surrounded by people with great ambitions and professional colleagues. I’ve had a lot of talks with Kasper Hvidt about the future and development of myself and the team and I’m sure we’re going to leave marks on professional Counter-Strike for many years.

At the same time I’m expecting a child with girlfriend this Fall and when I look around there are just no other place I would feel like I could get the same safety and flexibility when it comes to that.

 It means a lot to me and I’m excited for the coming three years where we will be lifting a lot more trophies.

The Astralis Director of Sport stated that gla1ve has been flexible in the contract. Reason for that is so he can focus on in-game leadership and his upcoming fatherhood role. Danish player gla1ve also announced the new contract on his Twitter account with the statement “3 more years with Astralis”.

More Announcements Soon

Astralis wants to create the MAD Lions solution to the Danish coach problem that will occur next year. However, this is not the only problem with Astralis, which is considering a deal with HUNDEN.

gla1ve 3 yıl

The main roster contracts, which will expire at the end of the season, are the biggest problem for Astralis. The upcoming contracts of Magisk, dupreeh, and Xyp9x from Astralis’ champion roster show just what challenge Astralis has to deal with. In addition, Bubzkji, who joined the team last year, is among the players whose contract will expire.

The Danish team which succeeded in a major tournament for the first time after Device. So they want to continue this success in ESL Pro League S14. The biggest trump card of Astralis is that the tournament will be played in an online format.

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